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New: Aerin Rose Balm Lipsticks

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I can never resist a new lipstick launch.  I don’t always jump on new product bandwagons but lipsticks are quite a weakness for me, so when I see a particularly beautiful collection, I cave.  Hence, my purchase of 5 of the new Aerin Rose Balm Lipsticks.  I first saw them mentioned on Beauty Lookbook, one of my favorite beauty blogs, and she always has such wonderful taste so I logged onto to Neiman Marcus and placed my order immediately. 
I picked up a smattering of colors, from bold to bright to natural because they all looked too good to pass up.  Normally it’s the packaging that lures me in with products, but to be honest, I was not in love with the gold case, as it looked a tad dated to me.  I love the raised detailing on the cap, but other than that I was not wowed.  But what was in the packaging more than made up for it.  I had anticipated these lipsticks being more of a lip balm with tint, but surprisingly they are quite pigmented with significant staying power.  A tad shiny but not as glossy and emollient as the Fresh lip sugars or even a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.  The feel is creamy and smooth on the lips, and the colors are so wearable.  Obviously Pretty and Perfect Nude were in my basket first, followed by Coral Sand which seemed a necessity for summer.  Wild Lilac was a gamble since it seemed so dark in the tube, but when seen on Beauty Lookbook’s post, I thought this would be a gorgeous deep berry for me.  The only shade that has brought me the most disappointment is Poppy.  On me it wears brown and dull, but that is probably because I am fairer than Casper.  I suspect that someone with a darker and warmer skin tone would wear this and look stunning.  But nonetheless, I have been loving the whole collection.  I am new to the entire Aerin brand and this was quite the introduction.  I already have my eye on some more pieces from the line such as this bronzer and this lip and cheek color.  And I always need more makeup – said every beauty blogger ever.
To check out the entire Aerin Rose Balm Collection, click here.  
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My Lip Color But Better

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I have so many weaknesses – cupcakes, black pugs, a chic pencil skirt and sheer, shiny, my-lip-but-better lip colors.  As I always say, when one is good, fifty is better.  I’ve been experimenting with bold, dark and vibrant lip colors more this fall but my first instinct when I come upon a cosmetics counter is to go right for the safe zone – peachy, pink colors preferrably in a sheer texture.  I love how predictable I am.

I have amassed quite a collection (no surprise to anyone, I’m sure) and here is a run down of all the colors and swatches.
1. Cover Girl Lip Perfection in shade 210 – This was a complete impulse purchase, on a whim, not sure I even really wanted it – but low and behold I am loving this pencil style lip.  Easy, quick and can be applied without a mirror.  
2. Ilia in Nobody’s Baby – Another shocker out-of-the-gate when I tried this product – it is technically a tinted lip conditioner but the coverage is just like a lipstick.  Best of both worlds.
3. Dior Addict in Blush – A bit bolder but still wearable for any occasion – I love this when my eye makeup is a bit lighter and I need a lip to pull it all together.  Plus the packaging is sparkly, shiny and mesmerizing.  Sold.
4. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Anais – Whoa.  Mind blown.  I had read reviews of these lipsticks online and darn those Nordstrom reviewers can be so convincing – but thank goodness they were right.  These lipsticks are everything – glides on with great coverage and lasts forever, but still manages to be sheer and nourishing on the lips.  My lips actually feel they are getting better the longer I wear this.  And this color – perfection – seriously.  Not too nude, not too pink, not too brown – the best of all worlds. 
5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy – I like this color, I don’t love this color.  This has been the first product from Chanel that did not knock my socks off, and I was a tad heartbroken.  The color is so sheer it’s almost non-existent, so I tend to use it as a base and layer other colors on top.  Oh well – you win some lips, you lose some lips. 
6. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Daphne – Yes, the first was so good I had to buy a second.  A much more vibrant peach shade, this looks beautiful with a brown smoky eye and bronzed cheek.  Summer will be now known as the season of the Daphne lip.
7. Loreal Colour Riche Lip Balm in Nourishing Nude – I stare at these every time I run into the drugstore to get my daily Diet Coke during lunch, and finally snagged one on a particularly stressful day.  I threw it on as soon as I got back to my desk and viola! Day made.  The color is gorgeous as a rich rose-brown and the texture matches the name – nourishing.  Do I need all the other colors? Most definitely I do.  
8. Dior Addict Lipstick in LA – Aw man, I was really excited to get another one of these lipsticks and then I ended up buying almost the exact same shade.  Womp, womp.  But this color is a tad more sheer and shiny so it reads much less intense on the lips so in my mind I have made peace with the purchase.  
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