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January/February 2024 Outfit Details

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January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsSweater – Lovers and Friends | Belt – Mango | Pants – Express | Shoes – Amazon | Bag – Melie Bianco (similar) | Sunglasses – Amazon

January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoatigan – Mango | Hoodie – Anine Bing (similar) | Leggings – Mango (similar) | Shoes – Steve Madden | Bag – Melie Bianco

Mango coatigan outfitCoatigan – Mango | Sweater – Gap | Pants – Gap | Shoes – Steve Madden | Bag – Melie Bianco

teddy coat outfit | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoat – Express (similar) | Sweater – GAP | Leggings – Spanx | Boots – Marc Fisher | Bag – Anine Bing

camel coat outfit | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoat – Club Monaco (similar) | Sweater – GAP | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell | Bag – Melie Bianco (similar) | Belt – Mango

sweater top and skirt | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsSweater – GAP | Skirt – GAP | Boots – Larroude

striped sweater and jeans outfitSweater – Amazon | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell | Bag – Melie Bianco | Sunglasses – Amazon

January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCardigan – Abercrombie | Jeans – J.Crew | Bag – Melie Bianco | Boots – Raye (similar) | Sunglasses – Amazon

sweater and jeans outfitSweater – J.Crew | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Boots – Raye (similar) | Bag – Melie Bianco | Sunglasses – Amazon

bomber jacket and jeans outfitBomber jacket – Abercrombie | Sweater – Abercrombie | Jeans – J.Crew | Boots – Sam Edelman (similar) | Bag – Anine Bing | Sunglasses – Amazon

January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsTrench coat – Lovers and Friends | Top – Lovers and Friends | Jeans – Spanx | Belt – Mango | Boots – Raye (similar) | Bag – Anine Bing | Sunglasses – Amazon

long puffer coat outfit | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoat – Amazon | Sweater – Amazon | Jeans – Madewell | Shoes – Steve Madden | Bag – Melie Bianco | Sunglasses – Amazon

long puffer winter outfit | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoat – Amazon | Sweater – Amazon | Leggings – Spanx | Boots – Sam Edelman | Hat – Varley | Mittens – Amazon

lake pajamas | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsPajamas – Lake Pajamas

puffer jacket outfit | January/February 2024 Outfit DetailsCoat – Amazon | Pullover – Varley | Leggings – Spanx | Socks – Euclid | Sneakers – New Balance

sheer dotted top with jeansShirt – Amazon | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Bag – Melie Bianco | Boots – Raye (similar)

puff sleeve top with jeansSweater – Amazon | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Boots – Raye (similar) | Bag – Melie Bianco

cardigan and jeansCardigan – J.Crew | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Belt – Mango | Shoes – Tony Bianco | Bag – Gucci (similar)

Sweater top and jeansSweater – L’Academie | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Belt – Isabel Marant | Shoes – Amazon | Bag – Melie Bianco

Lunya robeRobe – Lunya (discount code: alittlebitetc)

Lunya Silk PajamasSilk Pajamas – Lunya (discount code: alittlebitetc)

preppy cardigan and jeansCardigan – Kule | Tank – Target | Jeans – Grlfrnd | Shoes – Dolce Vita | Bag – Melie Bianco | Necklace – Soru Jewellery | Bracelet – Soru Jewellery | Ring – Soru Jewellery (discount code: MAREE15)

floral Lake PajamasPajamas – Lake Pajamas

January/February 2024 Outfit Details

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11 Puffer Jacket Outfits

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Puffer Jacket OutfitsIf you live somewhere that gets very cold weather during the winter, a puffer jacket or puffer coat is a must have in your closet. I would even argue that having a few of them is necessary especially is you are wearing one nearly every day for 3-4 months straight. I grew up somewhere that was quite mild during the winter so I never really had a good appreciation for puffer coats until I moved to NYC after college and had to find a good one ASAP. There were options but so many styles made me look like a marshmallow and I had to search for ones that looked stylish but still allow me to stay warm.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and I have quite a few puffer coats in my closet and love styling them in the winter. So many are cozy but also chic and easy to style many different ways. I have some that are super casual but others that I can wear with slightly dressier outfits. In today’s post I am going to share different puffer coat styles I have and love as well as puffer jacket outfit ideas.

How To Style Puffer Jackets

How To Style Puffer JacketsThough there are certain outfits that look better with puffer jackets than others, almost anything goes when you are cold, amiright?! LOL If I have to wear something professional or dressy yet it’s freezing outside, I will have to reach for that puffer jacket regardless. For that reason, I do recommend having a sleek style that you could dress up if needed along with a casual one for all other outfits. But here are some of my tips on how to style puffer jackets:

Choose a Neutral Jacket

Prints are fun but because puffer jackets are the statement piece of your outfit when you are wearing it, choosing neutral colors is key for versatility.


There is something so chic about a head to toe look in one particular color. That could be all black but even all green like the look I have at the top of this post. It creates a cohesive yet stylish look regardless of how casual it is.


Even if your puffer coat is simple, you can still create an interesting outfit by using accessories to liven up your look. Buy a cute beanie, wear fuzzy gloves, add a scarf – there are a ton of ways to add interest to your puffer jacket outfit.

Keep Your Base Layer Slim Fitting

Because a puffer jacket will more than likely be puffy and not as shapely as a tailored wool coat, I prefer to wear a slimmer outfit underneath. So if I am wearing jeans, I will choose a slim fit rather than something too wide leg. Obviously leggings is a go-to for me with many of my puffer jacket outfits, but if I am wearing joggers I will opt for a slimmer fitting jogger to wear with my puffer jacket.

11 Puffer Jacket Outfits

Puffer Jacket with Leggings and Sneakers

Puffer Jacket with Leggings and SneakersJacket | Sweatshirt | Leggings | Socks | Sneakers

Puffer Jacket Outfits with leggingsJacket | Hoodie | Leggings | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses

This is my first go-to outfit when wearing a puffer jacket and I will forever love this look. The fitted leggings balances out the oversized fit of the puffer jacket and sneakers are my chosen shoe often for this outfit.

Puffer Coat with Lug Sole Boots

Casual Puffer Jacket OutfitsJacket | Sweater | Leggings | Boots | Sunglasses

Puffer Jacket Outfits for fallPlaid Jacket (similar) | Turtleneck | Sunglasses | Boots | Bag | Jeans

Puffer Jacket Outfits for winterJacket | Sweater (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Beanie (similar) | Boots | Sunglasses

When it’s really cold out, sneakers will not cut it so I have to reach for my winter boots. I love a pair of lug sole boots to wear during winter and think they look so good worn with a puffer jacket. The chunkier sole pairs well with the slightly puffy fit of the jacket. I also will normally opt for a slimmer pair of jeans or leggings with the boots.

Puffer Jacket with Pointy Toe Boots

Puffer Jacket with Pointy Toe BootsJacket (similar) | Leggings | Boots | Sunglasses

puffer jacket with jeansJacket | Jeans | Boots (similar)

cropped puffer jacket fashionLeather Jacket | Sweater (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Boots (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses

Here are a few looks to show you how to dress up a puffer jacket with boots. The jacket style I prefer with pointy toe boots has a slimmer fit and isn’t as puffy. I look for puffer jackets that have a slight darting in at the waist or are cropped because they definitely have the option to be worn with dressier looks.

Puffer Jacket with Flats

Puffer coat with FlatsJacket (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses (similar)

Similar concept with this look as with pointy toe boots, I like to choose a puffer jacket with a slim fit and often I like the coat to have a slight sheen to it. This really elevates the look and makes it pair well with flats.

Puffer Jacket with Straight Leg Jeans

Long Puffer with Straight Leg JeansCoat | Sweater | Bag | Jeans | Shoes | Sunglasses

I’m straying a tad bit away from a super slim fit style jean with this look but I liked a straight leg jean better with these fuzzy slides. The long puffer coat has a slim shape so it actually works well with these jeans and would choose it over something a bit puffier or more bulky.

Monochromatic Puffer Jacket Outfit

long puffer outer outfitJacket | Pullover | Joggers | Sneakers | Bag | Mittens | Beanie

This look is SO comfy but still looks super chic and put together. Wearing one color head to toe is always an easy thing replicate and will always look polished.

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