Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

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Scrapbook kit | Kinetic sand | Easter baskets | Foam airplanes | Smartwatch | Easter basket | Stuffed bunny | Sparkle eggs | Polaroid camera | Bath bombs | Play doh kit | Gardening kit | Bubble machine

I’m sharing a few cute Easter basket ideas today and included some things I am getting Miles as well as other things that I thought would make fun additions. Though I know his favorite part will be the Easter egg hunt! 🙂

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Toys to Keep Your Toddler Entertained

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Marble run | Doodle board | Art easel | Sticker book | Coloring books | Washable crayons | Bath toys | Ball pit | Matching eggs | Kinetic sand | Magnatiles | Educational drill set

I thought I would share some of Miles’ favorite toys right now and ones that I have ordered to keep him entertained. We are all going a little bit stir crazy so I am hoping that some new entertainment will help keep him engaged for longer than 30 seconds. Ha! What are some of your favorite toddler toys or ones that your kids love??

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