Bathtime is most definitely one of Miles’ favorite activities each day. As soon as I say it, he begins to lift up his arms for me to take off his shirt and then he races up the stairs (with me close behind him) to get in the bath. We made bathtime a part of his nightly routine very early on when he was an infant (this was the sleep training book that we used which really helped us develop a great routine for him), and now it’s something he looks forward to each night.

I’ve tested a bunch of different bath products for Miles and am sharing his bathtime essentials in today’s post which can all be found at Walmart. The baby section of Walmart has so many of the brands I regularly use for him as well as other brands that I am interested in trying. For example, Skiphop is one of my favorite go-to brands for baby things and there is an entire tab for their products located under the baby section on the Walmart site. There is a category for just about everything you can think of which makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. I also loved that they created an entire section dedicated to breastfeeding and nursing essentials in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

I rounded up all the products that we use with Miles every night but I also included some of the must-haves from when he was an infant at the bottom of the post.

  1. Bubble bath – Miles loves bubbles so I always rotate between a few different brands. The Babyganics Bubble Bath is one that I buy regularly and I also love the California Baby Bubble Bath (this one comes with a bubble wand in it that they can play with during bathtime!). Miles has mild eczema that can irritate him at different times, so when it does I always have this Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil on hand and pour it into the bath. It really helps to nourish his skin and calm the flare-ups.
  2. Body wash and shampoo – For body wash and shampoo, I have been alternating between this one from California Baby and this one from Mustela.
  3. No slip bath mat – The first thing I purchased when Miles transitioned out of his baby bath tub to the large bath tub was this no slip bath mat. He NEVER likes to sit down and is constantly walking back and forth in the tub so this mat was a must have. It suctions to the floor and has helped him not slip.
  4. Bath mat to kneel on – Any parent that does nightly baths knows that a cushion to kneel on is vital! The one I originally bought when Miles was born was good, but worn down quickly. I picked this one up a few months ago and it is so comfortable.
  5. Faucet cover – To be honest, I didn’t buy this at first because I didn’t feel we would need it. Welp, I was VERY wrong. Once Miles could move around the tub, he almost knocked his head numerous times on the faucet and I ordered this the very¬† next day. It solved the problem immediately and I love how cute it looks. You can buy the faucet cover separately but I noticed it also comes in this set which is such a good value!
  6. Hooded towel – Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hooded towel? Nope, there is not. I have been using one since Miles was born and love this brand because there are so many cute designs to choose from.
  7. Bath toys – Ah, bath toys. At this point we have accumulated probably more than we need, but my Mom will come home with a new one every time she goes to Walmart. A few of his regular favorites are this fishing rod that he is playing with in the pictures (it has a magnet on the end and he loves to pick up the “fish” floating in the water), these foam letters are great for helping him learn his alphabet and colors and I’m currently trying to decide which bath crayons to buy. I’ve heard good things about these, but if you have some recommendations let me know!
  8. Bath rinser – This bath rinser is the most simple thing but we have used it during every single bath since Miles was a newborn. It has a soft edge which makes it gentle enough to use when they are newborns, but holds enough water to use when they are toddlers to rinse them. This has also turned into one of Miles’ favorite things to play with during bathtime if none of his toys are keeping him entertained.
  9. Bath toy organizer – If you are like me and find the sides of your bathtub overflowing with toys, do yourself a favor and buy one of these ASAP. It helps keep everything in place, allows for air to get in so the toys can dry and holds a surprising amount of toys!

I thought I would also mention some of the bath toys and gear we used from when Miles was a newborn up through his first year because I still recommend all of these products! This was the first cushion we used to place Miles in to bathe him and it was perfect! It fits easily in any baby tub or sink and kept him nicely cushioned. Miles had cradle cap when he was an infant and this Mustela Newborn Shampoo really helped treat it. Once he was a few months old, we transitioned him to this bathtub and it was what we used up until he was finally ready to be in the large bathtub by himself. The removable seat is the perfect size and helped encourage him to sit up, and then we removed that when he was ready to have a bit more mobility in the bath but still be contained.

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.