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What To Wear With Faux Leather Pants

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What To Wear With Faux Leather Pants

I don’t always gravitate towards trendy pieces though occasionally I will find something that is slightly trendy but I feel I can still wear it for years to come. These faux leather joggers/trousers are one of those pieces. I love the look of faux leather skirts/leggings/pants as I think they can add a slight edge to an outfit without being overly inappropriate. Faux leather is much more acceptable for the workplace than it ever was before (though I understand there are still environments where it will never be appropriate), and the styles are so much more versatile. I saw these faux leather trousers and was intrigued to give them a try.

If this jogger style trouser isn’t a fit for you, there are still so many great classic faux leather pant styles out there. Here are some tips on what to wear with faux leather pants as well as some outfit ideas on how to style faux leather pants for a ton of different occasions.

What To Wear With Faux Leather Pants

What To Wear With Faux Leather PantsWhat To Wear With Faux Leather PantsTurtleneck and leather pantsTurtleneck (similar) | Pants (similar) | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Shoes

When looking for a pair of faux leather pants to add to your closet, the most timeless shape is a trouser style. Something with a straight leg fit, not too tight but also not a loose fit or wide leg. This style is not too trendy and will remain a classic piece in your closet. I have a few different faux leather pants and faux leather leggings in my closet but I mostly reach for the ones that I’m wearing in the below pictures. When deciding what shoes to wear with faux leather pants, I often opt for a heel or simple pair of flats but they can also look great with sneakers, lug sole boots, combat boots, sandals, etc. If you already own a great pair of faux leather pants, here are four items to wear with them that will always look chic and polished.

Button Down Shirt

Though faux leather pants are not as professional as traditional trousers, I still love the look of them worn with a silky button down blouse. It elevates the pants and creates a classic look.


Faux leather pants are often best worn during fall and winter and one of my go-to tops to wear with them is a simple turtleneck. It lets the pants stand out and become the focal point of the look.

Monochromatic Look with Colorful Accessories

If your faux leather pants are black, try going for a monochromatic look and adding a pop of color with your accessories.

Cozy Sweater

I love mixing textures in a look and wearing faux leather pants with a cozy sweater always works. Choose whatever neckline you prefer but the mix of something soft with the edginess of the pants always makes a gorgeous combination.

Faux Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Chunky Turtleneck and leather pantsSweater | Pants | Belt | Shoes | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses

Faux Leather Pants with a Chunky Turtleneck

Tons of texture going on with this look though the basis of the outfit is quite simple. However when you blend the softness of the sweater, the shiny texture of the pants, tweed shoes and the braided bag, it completes a look that is much more interesting.

Faux Leather Pants with a Lace TopTop | Pants | Shoes | Bag

Faux Leather Pants with a Lace Top

I may sound like a broken record but I truly love mixing feminine pieces with edgier pieces to balance out an outfit. This lace top is a stunner and pairing it with these faux leather pants creates a glam look for a night out.

Wrap Bodysuit outfitTop | Pants | Shoes (similar) | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses

Faux Leather Pants with a Wrap Bodysuit

As someone with a bigger chest (I am a 32E), wrap style tops are some of my favorite to wear. Mainly because they can actually minimize the look of my bust versus a crewneck or high neck top. A wrap bodysuit would look good with a variety of pants or jeans, but styling them with faux leather pants looks chic and polished.

What To Wear With Faux Leather PantsSweater | Pants | Shoes (similar)

Faux Leather Pants with a Puff Sleeve Sweater

I’m back again with another feminine/edgier combo by styling these pants with a puff sleeve sweater. You can opt for a solid color shoe as well but I personally like the unexpected pop of print to complete the look.

Button Down Blouse with ponchoWrap (similar) | Blouse | Pants | Shoes

Faux Leather Pants with a Button Down Blouse

If your workplace allows faux leather pants, I would add a pair to your closet because they easily can be styled with traditional workwear pieces. Obviously choose a style of pant that is similar to a trouser which would be more professional, but they will be just as easy to style with your favorite workwear tops.

Cashmere Scarf outfit ideaSweater (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Pants | Boots (similar) | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses

Faux Leather Pants with a Cashmere Scarf

I feel like this look is effortlessly chic and easy to replicate with what you already have in your closet. Cashmere and leather are two of those fabrics that have a luxe look to them but you can find options at more affordable price points. You can choose faux leather pants and a cashmere blend but the concept of both of these items are timeless. You can wear this outfit today and 10 years from now and it will always look current and stylish.

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How To Wear A Duster Cardigan

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How To Wear A Duster Cardigan

When transitioning in between seasons, duster cardigans are so perfect! Going into winter from fall, I’m not ready for super heavy cardigans and sweaters but a lightweight duster is a great option. I didn’t even realize that I loved duster style cardigans so much until I went back through my outfits over the years to find a bunch of ways to style them. Clearly I’m a fan! LOL Since I’m on the shorter side (5’4″), I usually like them with heels but have found ways to wear them with flats or sneakers. If you are taller than me a long style like this could be perfect for heels or flats. As winter begins to end and spring comes, a duster cardigan is a great alternative to a heavy coat and can look so chic. I used to think they were only suitable for someone taller, but there are some great styling tips to make a long duster cardigan work for someone that is shorter.

How To Wear a Duster Cardigan

How To Wear A Duster Cardigan

Duster cardigans are a bit different from a traditional mid length or waist length cardigan mainly because of the length but also because it can be overwhelm a frame or look too much like a bathrobe. I do love my bathrobes but I definitely don’t want to look like I’m wearing one with my day to day outfit. Ha! Here are some of my suggestions on how to wear a duster cardigan:

Opt for Long Sleeves

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but there are short sleeve and sleeveless duster cardigans. I find that the exaggerated length of the cardigan looks best with long sleeves.

Choose a Slim Fit

Something that is too oversized or has too much fabric can be styled in a great way but tends to look more trendy. And can be hard to wear with a variety of things. With almost all of the duster cardigans I own, they are all super slim and slightly fitted to the body.

Size Down

If you do choose a duster that is more roomy in it’s cut, size down one size if possible. I absolutely LOVE this Mango coatigan and it’s one of my most worn fall/winter pieces in my closet. Because of it’s generous fit though, I sized down to eliminate that too oversized look that it can have.

Don’t Go Past the Ankle

When choosing a duster cardigan, it is best to find one that hits either a bit below or the knee or mid calf. Anything much longer than that can look like a true robe and could even be difficult to walk in. LOL I have one particular duster in my collection that almost hits the floor but I use it as a swimsuit coverup which seems to be one of the only times it looks better that long.

Duster Cardigan Outfit Ideas

Duster Cardigan Outfit IdeasCardigan | Turtleneck | Jeans | Flats | Bag

Duster Cardigan + Ballet Flats

This is the perfect running errands outfit when you still want to look put together but comfortable. Because this duster is slightly shorter than other styles I have, I like it worn with flats. If the duster was any longer I would probably not go with flats and choose heels instead. The heels would give me a bit of added height to balance out the added length of the duster.

Duster Cardigan with leggingsCardigan | Sweatshirt (similar) | Leggings | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses

Wearing a Duster Cardigan with Sneakers

This Mango duster coatigan is truly one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. The length is perfect for flats, sneakers or heels and I did size down to get a slightly slimmer fit. When I don’t want to wear a heavy coat, I love grabbing this to throw over a sweatshirt and leggings.

How To Wear A Duster Cardigan in fallCardigan | Turtleneck | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

Duster Cardigan with a Monochromatic Outfit

If you stumped with how to style your first duster cardigan, one of the easiest outfits to wear it with is all black. The monochromatic base outfit gives a blank canvas for the cardigan to play off and will always look chic and put together.

Duster Cardigan with a Midi SkirtCardigan (similar) | Tank (similar) | Skirt (similar) | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses

Style a Duster Cardigan with a Midi Skirt

If you love a midi skirt, wearing it with a duster cardigan at almost the same length is gorgeous! I would opt for a slim fitting midi skirt rather than a pleated or a-line style so that it continues the long line of the cardigan and doesn’t compete against it.

Related: 10 Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas

Green Duster CardiganCardigan and tank (similar) | Jeans | Shoes

Style a Duster Cardigan with a Crop Top

At the opposite end of the length spectrum when styling a duster cardigan, you can wear it with a crop top and high waisted jeans for a playful night out look. The tank and cardigan are actually a set and I love how they both look together.

Midi Sweater Dress as a cardiganCardigan (similar) | Tee (similar) | Jeans | Boots | Headband | Bag

Wearing a Midi Sweater Dress as a Duster Cardigan

Graphic tees are a great alternative to a simple tank or solid tee and can add a bit of edge to an outfit. This particular duster cardigan is actually a midi sweater dress that I wore open over a tee and jeans. I love the versatility of a sweater dress with buttons all the way down because it gives you a variety of ways to wear it – either as a dress or open as a cardigan.

kimono style cardiganCardigan (similar) | Tank | Shorts | Sandals (similar) | Hat (similar) | Bag

Wearing a Printed Duster Cardigan

This duster is more of a kimono style wrap but it still has the exaggerated length of a duster cardigan. It’s perfect to wear during the summer with an all white outfit which allows the bold print to stand out.

lace Swimsuit CoverupDuster (similar) | Swimsuit (similar) | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses | Sandals

Wear a Duster Cardigan as a Swimsuit Coverup

To be honest, when I first got this duster it felt almost too long since it went right to my ankles but it was final sale and I needed to make it work. So I decided to make it a swimsuit coverup and frankly it was absolutely perfect! The super long length looks so fabulous with a swimsuit and I love how it billows behind me in the breeze when I walk.

How To Wear A Duster CardiganDuster Cardigan outfit inspowinter to spring transitional outfitCardigan (similar) | Tank | Jeans (similar) | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses (similar)


Style a Duster Cardigan with a Camisole

Besides a monochromatic look, a simple strappy camisole and sandals is one of my favorite ways to style a duster cardigan. The delicate and simplistic details of the camisole and sandals pair well with the dramatic length of the duster. A timeless look that will always work.

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