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How To Prep Skin For Makeup

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How To Prep Skin For MakeupHow your makeup looks and how your makeup wears throughout the day can be attributed to many different things (the tools you use to apply it, the technique of application, makeup formulas, etc). However one of the most important factors in how your makeup will look and wear is the way you prep your skin. Preparing your skin can make the products look flattering, blend better and ultimately last longer on the skin. Taking the extra time to prep your skin using the right products can make all the difference in how your makeup will look every day. Finding the right products that work for your skin type is key but there are some overall categories of products and steps to take that will help prep your skin in the best possible way and give you the best base for makeup.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a guide that you can use to help carefully prep your skin for long-lasting, beautiful and flawless makeup.

How To Prep Skin For Makeup

Step 1: Start With a Cleanser

I would like to add “if your skin needs it” to this statement. Most of us are applying our makeup in the morning before we start our day. And depending on your skin type, you may choose to cleanse or not. I have dry skin and find that I don’t need to use a cleanser in my morning skincare routine. So I would rather just splash my face with a bit of cool water. If you are applying your makeup mid day or in the evening for a night out, I would definitely recommend cleansing your face to remove all the dirt and grime from the day. Well moisturized skin is key for great looking makeup. So I would opt for a cleansing balm to really give the skin a nice deep cleanse.

Additionally, I love a milky cleanser or gentle gel cleanser if you don’t have a cleansing balm on hand. Make sure your skin is left feeling soft and hydrated – not tight and dry. If your skin is too tight after cleansing, you may have stripped the natural oils away. And your skin will overproduce oil to replace it. When this happens, you could end up getting oily hours after you have applied your makeup which will inevitably break down the makeup and not have it last as long.

Step 2: Exfoliate

There is a fine line between healthy exfoliation and damaging the skin barrier. So I would always start slow and build up to daily if your skin can handle it. I prefer chemical exfoliation over manual exfoliation. Because often manual exfoliators can be too harsh even if you don’t have sensitive skin. Especially before makeup, I like to use a gentle exfoliating toner after cleansing to help remove any dead skin cells. I always notice that my makeup applies so much better when I’ve done this added step in my morning routine. If you find that your makeup is patchy or not applying smoothly, try using a gentle exfoliator during your morning skincare. I like to apply it after cleansing, but before serums/moisturizers.

Step 3: Moisturize

Well moisturized skin is the true secret to makeup application. Sometimes I will do my morning skincare routine and then run a few errands before coming back to do my makeup. My skin is well prepped but adding a bit of moisture to the skin immediately before applying my foundation is necessary. I will either reapply a small layer of my daytime moisturizer, pat in a thin layer of an hyaluronic acid essence or spritz a facial mist. Something that leaves my skin a tad bit damp ensures my makeup blends much easier.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Even though your face may be well prepped before makeup, your under-eye area needs special attention. Look for a formula that is hydrating but not too rich which will be a major component in how well your concealer will last. If your under eye area is too dry, concealer will cake up and not blend as smoothly. There are illuminating eye creams that are perfect to use during the day because they will give the skin the proper moisture but add the benefit of brightening or color correcting. Save any eye balms or very rich eye creams for evening as they could be too heavy to wear under concealer. And the concealer could slide right off if the skin is too emollient.

Step 5: Primer

Primers have come a long way and there are so many amazing options available now. Especially if you have oily skin or need your makeup to last a very long time, I would always recommend adding a primer before foundation. Some sunscreens have priming abilities so you can combine two steps into one with the right formula. But there are great primer options if you want something specifically for makeup longevity. You can apply your primer over the entire face or focus it on specific areas of the face where there is excess oil and your makeup tends to break apart like the t-zone. There are also great illuminating primers that can give your skin a hint of a glow underneath your makeup. As someone with drier skin, I love adding a subtle glowy primer under my makeup.

Step 6: Mask

If you are heading out for a special event and want to take the extra step to really get your skin looking its best, apply a hydrating or depuffing face mask 20-30 minutes before applying your makeup. Sheet masks are one of my favorite types of masks to apply before makeup. Because they are often drenched with product to really deliver immediate results. Another great mask to apply before makeup is one that focuses on depuffing and firming. They often will moisturize as well. But will really help to sculpt the face and reduce any excess swelling or puffiness. If you only have a few minutes to spare, opt for eye masks that you can leave on while applying your eye makeup. These will help give a boost of moisture to the under eye area prepping it nicely for concealer.

Once you have prepped the skin for your makeup routine, the next key in ensuring my makeup looks its best all day is using the proper tools and the order of your makeup application. These are the makeup brushes I swear by and use daily and this is a step by step breakdown of the order I apply my daily makeup.

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints SPF 25

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Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints reviewTatcha’s Kissu Lip Mask is one of my all time favorite lip treatments and one that I have used for years. It’s a best seller for the brand for good reason. I was so excited when I saw that they are expanding the Kissu lip range to now include Lip Tints with SPF 25! Tatcha has been a brand that I’ve been using ever since I began blogging and actually discovered them through reading other blogs. They will always have a soft spot in my heart and their products continue to be a staple in my skincare routine. They haven’t explored the world of makeup too much but this Kissu Lip Tint launch really combines the best of both world. It’s a hydrating lip treatment with a rich tint and SPF 25.

They sent over all three shades for me to test and I had not yet seen any reviews of them so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Obviously when I hear lip tint, I think very sheer and little to no color. Add on the fact that they provide sun protection and I wasn’t expecting anything that intense. I could not have been more wrong in the best possible way. These are stunning, super pigmented and feel amazing! Here is a bit more about the product and swatches of all the shades.

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tint SPF 25 Review

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints shadesThe Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints SPF 25 are a creamy, hydrating lip tint with SPF 25 and buildable color. The pigment is so much more rich than I imagined and really give amazing color payoff on the lips. They feel super smooth and moisturizing and hardly at all like a traditional sun product for the lips. There are three shades in the range – Camellia, Midnight Lily and Plum Blossom. All are more pinky in tone with varying shades of intensity. I hope they continue to expand the range and come out with more colors in the future because the formula is amazing.


As always with Tatcha products, the packaging feels luxe and substantial.

Price Point

Tatcha is definitely positioned as a luxury brand so the price point does reflect that at $34. I do feel like these lip tints can be worn all year round and with a full face of makeup rather than just as a protective lip product during the warmer months.


In addition to UV filters to protect against UVA and UVB rays, there is botanical lanolin to smooth the lips and silk protein to provide weightless hydration.


These lip tints are buildable and richly pigmented. I love how much color they give the lips and are very long wearing for a lip tint formula.

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tint Swatches

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints swatchesThere are three shades in the range – Camellia, Plum Blossom and Midnight Lily. I find myself wearing Plum Blossom and Camellia the most while Midnight Lily looks best on me when I sheer it out a bit. I would usually gravitate towards Plum Blossom as my favorite color but I have actually been wearing Camellia more! It’s the most perfect rosy pink and looks beautiful for daytime. Here’s a quick rundown of each shade and an explanation of the color:

  • Camellia – soft red hue
  • Plum Blossom – coral pink hue
  • Midnight Lily – dark berry hue

I already know I will be wearing these a ton come summer and I think they are completely worth trying. Especially if you are a Tatcha fan already, but even if you are new to the brand, these lip tints are an amazing introduction. Right now, I believe they are available only at Tatcha’s site and Sephora.

shop my tatcha faves

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