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Amazon Prime Day Deals

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Amazon Prime Day DealsMatching Set

Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow so I thought I would round up a bunch of my recent Amazon purchases as well as some favorites. It’s a great time to get a head start on holiday shopping or buy things that you’ve been eyeing for a while! I’m building my cart now and hopefully most of the things I want are included in the prime day deals.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Tweed slingbacksTweed slingbacks

Amazon Prime Day DealsSuede mules

summer BagBag

Matching Set Amazon Prime Day Deals

Matching Set

Pullover and leggingsPullover and leggings

Drugstore lip productsDrugstore lip colors: L’Oreal Glow Paradise Lip Balm, L’Oreal Glow Paradise Balm-in-Gloss, Maybelline Lifter Gloss, NYX Butter Gloss, Milani Plumping Gloss and e.l.f. O Face Satin Lipsticks (all swatches here)

Puffer coat Amazon Prime Day DealsPuffer coat

Amazon Matching setMatching set

amlactin foot repair Amazon Prime Day DealsExfoliating foot cream

Terrycloth wristbandsTerrycloth wristbands

Striped sweaterStriped sweater

Sweater Amazon Prime Day DealsSweater

clear heelsShoes

Blazer Amazon Prime Day DealsBlazer

Sweater dress AmazonSweater dress

Rust Sweater dressSweater dress

home and office organizersClear organizers with dividers | Bamboo drawer organizer | Refrigerator organizer bins | Underwear organizer | Clear plastic drawer organizers | Plastic apothecary jars | Acrylic shelf dividers | Food storage containers | Lid organizer | Lazy susan organizer | Under sink organizer | Closet organizer shelves | Wall mount broom organizer

Travel packing essentialsSuitcases | Electronic organizer | Clear pouches | Makeup brush covers | Packing cubes | Makeup brush holder | Travel steamer | Travel lighted mirror | Travel toiletry bottles | Travel wireless chargers | Jewelry case

Sky LiteNightlight (updated version)

There are a few more items that I love that are definitely worth mentioning and trying!

More Amazon Prime Day Deals

Makeup sponges

I’ve been buying these for a few years now and they have replaced all my other makeup sponges.

Shower steamer tablets

Both myself and Miles love these. You place one on the floor of the shower and they dissolve and release the most amazing spa-like scent as you wash.

Clip-on light for phone/computer

This is absolute magic and is like your own personal lighting crew. If you do zoom meetings or film content, this light is a must have.

Air fryer

We upgraded our air fryer to this one because it has two baskets so we can cook separate things at the same time. It’s a life saver.

Electrolyte packets

I go through two of these a day and they really help me to drink more water.

Immune Support Spray

I now keep this in my purse and spray it whenever I feel myself getting sick.

Ear Cuffs

These are a recent buy but I absolutely love them!


These have a memory foam insole and are so comfy!

Jergens Wet Skin Self Tanner

I already repurchased this self tanner. So easy to apply on damp skin and it doesn’t smell like self tanner.

Weighted Vest

I wear this every time I go on a walk. I bought it after seeing a menopause doctor I follow on social media recommend it for helping with bone density in perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Flameless Lighter

A rechargeable lighter for my candles. Every time I gift someone a candle, I gift this with it.

Eye Massager

I bought this for Stan to help with sinus pressure and headaches. It is heated and massages the eye area and temples. It’s absolutely a game changer for headaches and sinus pain!

Foot Massager

Amazing for sore feet!

Shop my entire Amazon storefront here!

Recent Amazon Purchases

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Recent Amazon PurchasesIt’s been a while since I’ve done an Amazon purchases post so I thought I would share a round-up of my (very random) Amazon purchase history!

Recent Amazon Purchases

1. Zen Basil Seeds

I love these because they are packed full of a ton of great nutrients. They are actually similar to chia seeds in terms of texture. They have very little taste so I sprinkle them on anything and everything to add some fiber, iron, potassium – they are chock full of so many great nutrients.

2. Mouth Tape

This is the strangest thing I’ve bought on Amazon in a long time but I keep hearing about the benefits of using mouth to help get better sleep. It helps you breathe more intentionally through your nose thus allowing for more restful, deeper sleep. It took me a night or two to get used to wearing it, but I have noticed a slight difference in how much deeper I am sleeping.

3. Pure Magnesium Oil

In addition to the mouth tape, I had read that spraying magnesium oil on the bottom of your feet at night helps with sleep too. I’m not quite sure that it’s working as well as the mouth tape but I am going to finish the bottle and then see if I’ve noticed an overall difference in my sleep.

4. Bath Color Fizzies

I bought these colorful tabs for Miles to add to his science kit that I got him for the bath.

5. Jewelry Cleaner

I wanted something easy to use to clean my jewelry and this has SO many good reviews on Amazon. And for good reason – it really makes your jewelry sparkle!

6. La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

I love this mist to use during my skincare routine! So hydrating and soothing.

7. Makeup Sponges

These are my all time favorite makeup sponges that I’ve been buying for years.

8. Jumbo Eyedroppers

I ordered these along with a science kit for Miles to play with in the bathtub. He absolutely loves it and stays in the bath forever mixing everything together.

9. Core Power Protein Drinks

These taste delicious and give me a great hit of protein in the afternoon when I’m hungry. I also add them to my coffee sometimes instead of creamer – a reader actually suggested this and I love it!

10. Pill Organizer

I constantly forgot if I have taken my daily medications and supplements so I bought this to help me keep track of everything.

11. Oil Pulling Mouthwash

I had heard about the benefits of oil pulling for so long and finally decided to try it. I only use it 3x a week but it makes my breath SO fresh and my teeth already look a bit whiter too!

12. Weighted Vest

I heard about the benefits of wearing a weighted vest during daily walks and even around the house from a menopause doctor that I follow on Instagram. It is supposed to help with bone density especially for women in perimenopause and menopause. She recommends getting a vest that is 10% of your body weight.

13. Alarm Clock

Miles constantly wants to know what time it is so I ordered this for him to keep on his bedside table. You can change up the colors and it also can be used as an alarm clock (but Miles wakes up at a ridiculously early time every morning so we don’t it for that yet, womp womp). He really loves it though and carries it around the house so he always knows what time it is. LOL

14. Rechargeable Lighter

This lighter is absolutely amazing! It is rechargeable and doesn’t use any gas. I use it for all my candles and love the rose gold color too.

15. Water Lab

In addition to the eyedroppers and bath tablets, I ordered this science kit for Miles to play with in the bath. He LOVES it so much. He pretends he is mixing up his own potions in the bath.

16. Mini Humidifier

One of the best Amazon purchases I’ve made in a LONG time! This is only $10 and is the best tiny little humidifier that I keep on my desk while I’m working during the day.

17. Diary of a Pug book series

Miles wasn’t loving any books we were reading lately so I gave it a break for awhile because he never was interested anymore to read at night. But then I found this series (and he loves dogs, especially pugs) and he is OBSESSED with them! They have the cutest illustrations and the stories are adorable. I actually won’t let Stan read them to Miles because I never want to miss what is happening next. LOL

18. Tub Shelf

I don’t know why it took me so many years to find this but it has saved bathtime. The edge of the tub is never wide enough for Miles to put all of his toys on and inevitably water goes all over the floor. This shelf prevents that and he can put so many toys on it.

See more Amazon favorites.

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