Now that I have had both my Spanx and Commando Faux Leather Leggings for quite some time, I thought I would do a comparison blog post so anyone can reference back if they are thinking about getting one versus the other.

1. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – I’ll start with my Spanx leggings because I have had these the longest. Here is an overview:

  • Sizing – They run quite small so I would recommend sizing up
  • Length – They come in regular and petite length but even the petite length is SUPER long on me so I have to fold the ends under
  • Finish – A bit more of a dull finish
  • Warmth – These are ok for the winter but they will not keep you warm in the bitter cold. You will need to layer something underneath.
  • Slimming – Absolutely! These are magic!!! I say that they give me new legs.

These also have no front seam so they are super flattering in the crotch. That is what I love so much about all Spanx leggings – no front seam makes a huge difference! There is also no bunching or wrinkling in the crotch which makes them look so much smoother and more flattering. There is a thick waistband on the Spanx which really holds you in but does make them look a bit more casual.

2. Commando Faux Leather Leggings – I purchased these a few years ago and returned them but then tried the 7/8 length and was really impressed with the fit. On paper they seem to be the exact same pair of leggings but with a different inseam, but for me they seemed to fit differently.

  • Sizing: These run very small so I had to size up
  • Length: The 7/8 length is absolutely PERFECT for me and great for those that are petite. They come right down to my ankle – no folding under needed.
  • Finish – For those that really want a leather look to their leggings, this is the pair to get. The finish looks much more like real leather.
  • Warmth – I find that these are VERY warm and great for the winter.
  • Slimming – Very much so BUT they don’t flatter my legs as much as the Spanx. The Spanx win out in the slimming dept for me.

As far as the crotch goes (I know this may be TMI, but to be honest it’s one of the biggest deciding factors in leggings in my opinion), there is a front seam. Yuck. I don’t love it but I’ll tolerate it because I love the look of them. They also sadly bunch and wrinkle in the crotch which can be very unflattering. I normally will wear a longer sweater with this pair to cover that so it’s not a huge deal to me. Also, there is no waistband on the Commando leggings which looks nice and creates a seamless look.

A few other points to note in response to some reader questions I received:

  • Neither shows cellulite and really smooth everything out.
  • They both keep their shape and never stretch out.
  • If I HAD to pick one, the Spanx still wins out a bit more for me and are a tad more flattering on my body type.