Which Tatcha Enzyme Powder Is Right For Your Skin?
Tatcha has recently reformulated their best selling enzyme powders (fun fact: the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder was one of the first products I ever reviewed on my blog) and they are better than ever! I already love these enzyme powders because they give the skin a gentle exfoliation without ever stripping or irritating it. And while other traditional exfoliators should only be used 1-2x/week, Tatcha enzyme powders are gentle enough for daily use. I have all 4 newly reformulated powders and thought I would break down exactly which formula is best for each skin type.

Which Tatcha Enzyme Powder is Right For You?

First let’s talk about how to use these powders. They are not suited to remove makeup or be a primary cleanse. But more of a second cleanser and exfoliator. After you have removed your makeup or done your first cleanse, you would then use the Tatcha rice enzyme powder suitable to your skin’s needs. The powder is water activated so you will need to mix a bit of water with the powder in your hands and massage onto the face. This new formulation has a more finely ground form of rice bran in it along with papaya enzymes and Japanese superfoods. The papaya enzymes help to promote natural skin turnover and the Japanese superfoods – green tea, rice and algae work to restore radiance. Additionally the powders have a pH neutral base which means they won’t strip the skin of any moisture or break the skin’s moisture barrier which could leave it feeling dry/uncomfortable. In addition to helping gently exfoliate the skin, the powders target anti-aging concerns like fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation and minimize breakouts. Each unique formula has additional ingredients targeted for certain skin types. Here’s a recap of each enzyme powder and how to determine if it right for you:
Tatcha Enzyme Powder
Which Tatcha Enzyme Powder Is Right For Your Skin?


1. The Rice Polish Classic (white bottle)

This is the original formula and designed for normal to normal/dry skin. If you don’t suffer for any significant dry patches or have overly sensitive skin, this would be a great option. It features silk proteins to help condition and nourish.

2. The Rice Polish Deep (green bottle)

For those with normal/oily skin, the Deep formula is best for you. It contains Japanese Wild Rose to help decongest and clarify the skin, while also helping to minimize the appearance of pore size.

3. The Rice Polish Gentle (purple bottle)

My personal favorite is the gentle rice enzyme powder which is suitable for those with dry skin. My skin is only slightly dry, but I like using this one because it feels the best on my skin. It contains licorice root extract to keep the skin calm and prevent tightness or flakiness.

4. The Rice Polish Calming (blue bottle)

If your skin is extra sensitive, is easily irritated or painfully dry, then I would recommend the calming formula. The Japanese indigo in it helps soothe the skin while still allowing for an effective exfoliation. And if you want to make it even more gentle, try mixing it in with your cleansing oil for just the slightest bit of exfoliation. To continue your calming routine, try the Indigo Cleansing Balm first to remove your makeup and then use the Overnight Indigo Repair to nourish and protect the skin barrier. The entire Indigo range is absolutely amazing!

How Often Should You Use the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder?

If you are new to using the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powders, I would recommend beginning with using them once a week to see how your skin reacts. Test a small amount on a patch of skin to ensure there is no irritation or reaction and then start with one night a week of use. After you know your skin can tolerate it, you could increase usage to 3-4x/week to really get the benefits of the papaya enzymes and finely ground Japanese rice bran which will stimulate cell turnover. And as I discussed in this post about protecting the skin barrier, this pH neutral formula will help maintain a healthy skin barrier function. If you find that your skin responds well to these enzyme powders, you can use them daily to provide that gentle exfoliation that will keep your skin looking smooth, supple and perfectly makeup-ready.

There is a reason these enzyme powders have been the brand’s top seller for so many years – they are truly remarkable and are wonderful on the skin. It was these enzyme powders that made me fall in love with Tatcha more than 10 years ago. If you are hesitant to try them and not sure if you want to buy a full size, they sell travel sizes on the Tatcha site which are perfect to ensure your skin loves the formula. And once you have found the perfect exfoliator for your face, the Forest Awakening Body Line has an amazing exfoliator for the body too!