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My Spring Fragrance Picks

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The weather is finally warming up, and so the changing of the scents begin. Out with the rich, warm and woodsy fragrances, and in with the light, fresh and floral – though sometimes I still like to sneak in a deeper scent here and there, especially for evening. Here is a look at the fragrances I’ll be wearing this spring:
1. Nest Fragrances in VerdeWhite Sandalwood is one of my holy grails. Midnight Fleur is the most unique fragrance I’ve ever worn. Paradise and Indigo were staples in my summer scent line-up last year, so clearly I love my Nest Fragrances. Recently a new one was launched called Verde, and it is an instant hit for me. It’s definitely more herbaceous than I typically prefer, so I was surprised when I loved the way it wore on me. I think it’s the notes of verbena leaves and vetiver that definitely drew me in and gives it the most delightful fresh and light scent. And as always with Nest Fragrances, the bottle is exquisite and looks like a piece of art sitting on my dresser.
2. Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum -It’s been YEARS since I have had this fragrance in my collection and missed it so much. That mix of sweet and citrus is always a constant favorite in my scent choices, and this Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum embodies both of those in a strong way. One of the things that I love about the Fresh fragrances is that they always smell simple and uncomplicated.  It’s easy to decipher the notes immediately, in this case lychee, citrus and mango, and it smells on the skin the way it does in the bottle. What you smell is what you get. I wish more fragrances were this easy.
3. Tocca Isabel – I’m just about on my last drop of Margaux, another Tocca fragrance I adore, so I was excited to try this new release for spring.  While it has notes of Spanish rose, it mixes that with leather accord, vetiver and vanilla which creates for a deeper, more complex floral scent. I prefer to wear this more for evening because it has a stronger finish than my typical spring fresh scents, but I like not wearing the same type of fragrances all season long. Throwing in a bolder fragrance even in the warmer weather can be a bit refreshing.
4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris A la rose Eau de Parfum -This is not your grandmother’s rose perfume. I say that because I have always shied from traditional rose scents because it can often smell too dated or too mature for my taste. Thankfully, the rose fragrances of today are steering away from that and are more modern and complex. After falling in love with this rose fragrance from Aerin, I was open to trying more. When I had the chance to test this new one from Maison Francis Kurkdjian a few months ago at a press event, I knew this would be a definite must have for me this spring/summer. Two varieties of roses are used to create A la rose, and then it’s blended with violet, magnolia blossom and musk accord. I figured with the musk accord it may be deep, but once I got it on my skin, it was light, refreshing and delicate. And lonnnnnnng wearing. I get compliments on this fragrance after it’s been on my skin for 10-12 hours, which is rare in my experience. I anticipate this bottle will probably last me for many summers to come since only 1-2 spritzes will be all I need.
*pr samples included
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New In And Loving: Bluemercury M-61, Nest Fragrances, Guerlain and Laura Mercier

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Some days I feel like I am just going to explode with excitement for products – it’s like I am still 6 years old. Too much good stuff not to share my thoughts, and these few items are new to my collection but first impressions are already knocking my socks off. A little skincare, a little makeup and a little fragrance – a complete trifecta of products I am loving right now.
1. Nest Fragrances in the scents Paradise and Indigo* – If you follow my blog, you know I am a Nest fanatic. I love the candles and the personal fragrances (this one being a holy grail fragrance), and once again they hit a home run with their two newest fragrances Paradise and Indigo, now available at Sephora. Paradise smells exactly as the bottle looks – bright, vibrant and citrusy with notes of blood orange, white ginger and cedarwood. It’s delicate and fresh for the summer. Indigo on the other hand was a bit darker, moodier but with a sweetness that I simply adore! Wild fig, bergamot, and black cardamom come together to create a scent that is as perfect for day as it is for night. Frankly, I keep them both side by side and do eenie meenie minie mo each morning to decide. I am the picture of sophistication. 
2. M-61 Power Glow Peel* – What happened to that top layer of skin? Oh, the M-61 Power Glow Peel took it away forever!!!! OMG! And what was left was baby soft, glowing, radiant, and gorgeous skin. People have been telling me on Instagram (over and over actually) that I need to try this product. Alright already! So I have. And welp…..it’s awesome. Instagram was not lying to me. Formulated with salicylic and glycolic acid, these pads give a strong exfoliation, but surprisingly also help to calm and soothe. I would recommend starting with once a week to see how you do and then build up from there. But watch out, you may not be able to turn back. Your wallet has been warned. 
3. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau – I have a developed a love/hate relationship with this foundation. On one hand, it wears beautifully on the skin. Truly one of the most flawless foundations I have ever used on my face. That being said…..the only caveat is it oxidizes. Quite deeply I might add. But I was too in love with it to give up, so I decreased the amount I use (because a little can go a long way) and it has solved most of the problem. I don’t use bronzer on the days I wear this so as not to add fuel (aka color) to the fire (aka my face). But I just can’t quit the finish….so stunning. A satin like finish that makes my skin look like it has been airbrushed. And no pulling on dry patches, settling into fine lines or creeping into my pores. It knows better than that.

4. Laura Mercier Baked Eye Shadow Quad in Rendezvous in Monte Carlo* – Part of the new summer 2014 collection, this quad has been on my eyes almost every day since I received it. The colors blend so well together and they wear for-ev-er. Each shade can be worn dry or wet, though I prefer to wear the lighter shades dry and then wet the dark plum/brown shade to use as a liner. When done, I’m pretty sure my eyes look better than your eyes. (ok, ok, I know it’s not a competition. sorry)
5. Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Glow* – Golden pink highlighted cheeks is on the menu for this summer. The finish of this new Laura Mercier summer 2014 cream blush is divine and looks gorgeous tapped on the cheekbones for glowing, fresh, ‘I just woke up like this’ skin. Yes, your summer self needs this. No, your cheekbones won’t survive without it.
* press sample

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