photo b2bff0fe-274f-4ad0-bd0c-2f229e2e9cd3.jpg Another day, another list of beauty favorites, right? Well not exactly – these are THE best products that I have used in the past 365 days.  For something to keep my attention that long is quite a feat, and for many of these products, it was love at first use.  Skincare, makeup and fragrance – these are the items that rocked my world this past year.  But a little word of caution before you read the list – I am not responsible for the buying spree that may result at the end of this post.  I am simply the beauty messenger.  Got it?  Good.  Let’s get started:

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1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light – So much hype for a product, yet is it worth it?  Most definitely yes, yes, yes. This particular one I use on my cheeks and hair line to give me a “lit from within” glow to my complexion.  Frankly it’s a miracle I have not bought every single shade – but there is always 2014 for that.
2. Le Metier de Beaute Classic Finish Flawless Foundation –  What’s in a name? Everything when it comes to this foundation.  Flawless finish is exactly how this looks on the skin – with buildable coverage and a natural finish that keeps my skin matte and perfect all day long.
3. Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation – I oscillate between this and my Le Metier for best foundation, but I simply can’t choose.  This is designed to deliver a high definition finish and it does.  Perfect for pictures and perfect for daily wear.  And no matter how many other layers I put on top (powder, finishing powder, blush, highlighter), it blends perfectly.
4. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara – Is it possible to pick one mascara that rocked my world this entire year?  Yes it is.  It was hard but this formula really made quite an impression on me….and my lashes.  A thick, voluminous, lengthy and perfectly separate lash look sums it up.
5. Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper – It’s not only the color that I loved with this lipstick, it was the formulation, the packaging – the entire brand.  This and the next color have taken up permanent residence in my makeup bag, and it’s only a matter of time before the entire line takes over my makeup vanity.
6. Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Fig – The perfect natural pink lip in a tube.  See swatches here and decide for yourself (though I’m sure you will agree).
7. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette -I have said it before and I will say it again – how a brow pencil made it to my yearly favorites is beyond me, but when something is good, it is GOOD.  Texture, application, color – everything with this product is perfection.  My brows have never, and I mean never looked better.

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8. Nest Fragrances in Midnight Fleur – If there was just one fragrance I wanted to smell like forever and ever, it would be this.  So unique, rich, warm and quite the conversation piece I may add.  Almost every single time I am wearing it, I get compliments and questions asking me about the scent.  I am almost hesitant to tell them for fear everyone will begin wearing it, but then I realize that if I walked around and smelled nothing but Midnight Fleur on everyone, it would be a perfect world.
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9. Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF 30 Lotion – Best darn daily moisturizer for my oily skin.  Hydrates, keeps me matte, wears well under makeup – do you need it?  Yes you do.
10. Dermalogica Multi Power Recovery Masque – Not sure how I lasted this long in my life without this masque.  THIS. MASQUE.  The short version is this stuff makes my skin instantly perfect.  The long version is it uses powerful concentrated vitamins to help erase any signs of damage to the skin.  Either way, buy it now and thank me later.
11. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion – Let’s face the facts, no matter how well I treat my skin, I will forever break out.  I have quite oily skin and my hormones like to go off on tangents without my prior approval.  Thus resulting in nasty blemishes that must be stopped.  Enter this Buffering Lotion.  Under makeup or alone, I simply cannot live without it.  It is the only thing that helps me treat the blemish fast and without completely drying out my skin.
12. Perricone MD Blue Plasma – In all fairness I discovered this product last year, but I used it so much this year I had to include it.  My glow, even skin tone and smooth texture can be credited to this daily peel that helps to chemically exfoliate the skin without ever irritating it.  It is so good, I am giving one away.  Yup, you are welcome.
13. Perricone MD Blue Plasma Orbital – All the amazingness from the face version, but for the eye.  Project ‘stay looking young forever’ is in full effect.
14. Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder – Again a product I have been using for a long time, but I had to include in this year’s favorites.  Add water and this powder exfoliant turns to a soft paste-like cleanser that gives an effective, yet surprisingly gentle exfoliation.  I always have a back up. Always.
15. Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate – The name threw me off initially and I was not sure what to expect, but this cult-classic (google it and you will see exactly how crazy people are about this product) has become the best thing to help my skin rejuvenate as I sleep.  I don’t know if it’s the aromatic scent or the immediate calming effect it has on my skin, but this product has become a holy grail night moisturizer for me.

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