It almost seems impossible – oils for oily skin?  Cleansing oils – ok.  But face oils? When I am already an oil slick as it is? I have dabbled here and there recently in a few different face oils and nothing really stood out to me – until now.  I have finally found two face oils that work beautifully for my skin – adding moisture and nourishment without any dreaded additional shine.  And an added bonus, I actually find my skin is less oily the next morning.  Snaps all around for my balanced skin.
1. NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil – Being the star of the Nude skincare range, this oil is receiving accolades left and right and for good reason.  Chock full of various plant oils and omega 3,6,7 and 9 (frankly I didn’t even know there were that many omega fatty acids – #collegechemistryfail ), this face oil is great at soothing and calming my skin when irritated.  It is quite rich so a little goes a long way for me, and a drop or two at the most is all I need for my entire face.  I prefer to use in the evening either before or after my moisturizer depending on how my skin feels, and so far no breakouts.  Thumbs way up for that.
2. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil – Oh, Boscia, the love affair continues.  Remember this post that I dedicated exclusively to my love for Boscia? Well it continues with this beauty oil.  The first time I ever tried it, I actually had to do a double take in the mirror.  Did I just apply a face oil and 30 seconds later, my skin looks matte? How is that possible?  Usually with face oils, there is a slight dry down time and some still just sit on the skin.  Not this bad boy – instant absorption.  I find it best used at night under my moisturizer or alone if my skin feels well hydrated.  My medicine cabinet slowly looks like it is having a Boscia invasion, and I am not mad at it. 

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