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Two New Face Oils That I’ve Been Enjoying

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SK-II Facial Treatment Oil review
There are so many amazing skincare launches occurring all the time that it becomes hard to decide what to try and what to skip. I get the opportunity to test out a ton of products but I have become more and more selective over the years and tend to try out less things now and stick with only that which really intrigues me. SK-II has been a brand I have loved for years (I can’t live without this from them, and this cleanser is like liquid silk), while Korres was a range I haven’t used in years but this recent launch from them looked promising. Here are my thoughts on each:
Korres Golden Elixir Serum review
1. SK-II Facial Treatment Oil – Ah, the magic of Pitera. The entire SK-II range is founded on this ingredient which is rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals designed to help the skin’s rejuvenation process. Their newest launch, the facial treatment oil is one that I have been anticipating for some time. I absolutely love their iconic Facial Treatment Essence, and to have a face oil with many of the same properties seemed like a perfect addition. From the first swipe of the oil, it is insanely decadent and rich. I was worried it would be too intense or heavy for my normal to oily skin, so I tried it out a few different ways to see how it would work best. I determined that using it after cleansing and toning without any other serums or moisturizers gave my skin the best result. The oil absorbed easily and by the next morning my skin was balanced and fresh looking. The entire next day my face was less oily despite the intense heat and humidity. After a few weeks on it, I found that my skin looked hydrated, plump and firm. I think this would be an ideal oil for those looking for an anti-aging treatment that will address dryness and dehydration as well.
2. Korres Golden Krocus Elixir Serum – This new formulation from Korres is more of a serum than a traditional oil, but it still has the slip of an oil so I wanted to include in this post. The first thing that is noticeable about this elixir is the shimmer suspended in the liquid. It’s absolutely stunning and settles when on the skin to look luminous and “lit from within” rather than glittery. While the SK-II is much richer in texture, this elixir absorbs almost instantly. It feels soft, smooth, hydrating and leaves no greasy residue afterwards. I’ve been using it at night under my moisturizer and love how my skin looks the next morning. On certain days that I am feeling a bit dehydrated, I will put it under my makeup and it makes my skin look even, fresh and radiant. I can see this being a morning staple come winter when I need ever bit of luminosity I can get. What makes this elixir different from many other serums in my collection is that it is designed for all skin types and can be a great anti-aging product to add into any routine to help address fine lines, uneven skin tone and overall give the skin a youthful glow.
Though it’s summer and so hot you can fry an egg (that’s one of my Dad’s sayings LOL), I still feel that my oily skin benefits from face oils that can help maintain a good balance on my skin. Stripping my skin of oils only makes my skin produce more and then I end up with a grease slick on my face. 
*pr samples included

What face oils are you using and loving right now? Leave me a comment below! 
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Skincare Products With Amazing Textures

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Yes, it’s the results that matter the most with skincare, but the entire experience of using the product is what I love. Texture is one of those things that can make or break a skincare product. If the texture is weird and unappealing, the results must be mind-blowing to overcome that (if it even can – yikes). Conversely, if the texture is delightful but the benefits are sub par, then it’s hard to justify continuation of use. But there are those rare times when the texture and results are equally appealing and the product really wins me over. I’ve recently come across three products that bring the best of both worlds together – amazing texture and fantastic results. 
1. Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil – While I do have a ton of facial oils at home, I instantly fell in love with this one. To say the oil is lightweight is an understatement! The oil itself is very thin and watery, and has this incredible silky smooth finish that instantly made me want to put it on my face. I apply two drops to my fingertips, rub together and then press gently into the skin. It instantly absorbs and my face looks fresh, supple and radiant. I find that I can wear it either morning or night, and have been impressed with how much my skin loves this oil. While many other oils have a lot of bells and whistles, I keep reaching for this because it consistently feels great on and makes my skin look healthy and glowing. Clinique continues to be a staple in my skincare arsenal because the products are uncomplicated, easy to use and work. And isn’t that what we all want from a brand at the end of the day? (case in point – this cleanser, this acne treatment and this body cream have been long time favorites)   
2. Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub – Being a huge Mario Badescu fan already (this, this and this are some of my holy grail brand favorites), I could not wait to get this on my face. The texture really surprised me because I thought it was going to be a bit chunkier and grainier (which I am not always a fan of), and it turned out to be the complete opposite. While there are small granular particles, it is so finely ground into a jelly-like base that it feels different than many of my other face scrubs. I only need a pea-sized amount to cover my entire face, and after my skin looks radiant and fresh. After playing around with it for the past few weeks, I enjoy using it in the morning because it gives me the most amazing glow and any makeup I apply after goes on seamlessly.
3. The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – I had heard so much buzz surrounding this product that I knew I had to try it. And the texture absolutely blew my mind. The above picture does not do it justice, so watch this quick video I posted on Instagram to get the full scope of how unbelievable this product looks and feels. Did you watch it? It actually BOUNCES. I love beauty products with every ounce of my being, but so much of what we see is similar to what we have seen before, right? Not this mask. It was unlike anything I have ever tried, experienced or used. And to top it all off? It made my skin feel absolutely heavenly! I apply it at night as my last step after my serum, and was shocked at how thin it is when on my face. It may have this crazy bouncy thick texture, but as soon as I scooped out a bit with my finger, it turned to this creamy gel that instantly helped to hydrate and nourish my skin. I woke up the next morning and my face felt plump, firm and supple – just like the mask itself! Consider me a believer now. The hype is completely warranted on this one. 

*pr samples included

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