Emma Hardie skincare has been on my radar for months now. Maybe ever more than months, it could be years. I have heard so many rave reviews on her cult classic Moringa Cleansing Balm, and being a cleanser (and cleansing balm) fanatic myself, I knew I had to give it a test drive to see if all the hoopla was deserved. The Emma Hardie team graciously sent me one along with a few other products to test, and  I could not open the box fast enough. I am not exaggerating when I say I ran to the bathroom to wash my face immediately. Feel free to judge if you must (but I know you guys would do it too). What ensued could only be described as just shy of a religious experience.   
1. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm -You guys, the hype is real. Hype may even be an understatement. I figured this balm would be good, but I didn’t know it would be this good. From the first touch, it seemed a bit different than other cleansing balms I have tried. It managed to walk a fine line between creamy and firm, and felt even better on the skin. It has a melting sensation when I rub it into the skin, and while it did a fantastic job of removing makeup, I actually enjoy this as my second cleanse. It made my skin feel so smooth and soft, that I didn’t want to waste it on makeup removal and would prefer to massage into my bare, clean skin and let all those essential oils do their magic. It can even be used as a hydrating mask if left on for 10 minutes, which I tried and loved. I could not stop touching my skin the entire rest of the night after using it as a mask – it was remarkable. I hesitate to bestow the holy grail title on it this early on, but sometimes you just know. I’m still 7 months away from compiling my best of beauty for 2015, but this cleansing balm has already earned a spot on the list.
2. Emma Hardie Age Support Instant Radiance Mask – I decided to continue on with my Emma Hardie skincare lovefest and use the other products all in the same evening. So once I had finished cleansing, and doing a quick swipe of these facial pads, I went in with the Emma Hardie Instant Radiance mask. The name alone got me excited. It instantly made my skin feel hydrated and soothed, and I actually forgot I had it on because it was so comfortable to wear. After 20 minutes (I got distracted watching TV – whoopsie), I used a wet cloth to remove it and my skin looked like I had just woken up from the most relaxing sleep of my life. My skin appeared hydrated, firm, plump, smooth – basically like it had gone on vacation while the rest of me stayed home. Since then, it has quickly fallen into my “quick fix” mask category – which are masks I apply when I need my skin to perk up asap. I have had a few sleepless nights over the recent weeks, and applying this in the morning while getting ready has done wonders to help me look awake and refreshed even though I’m basically running on fumes. I shall officially be renaming this mask the ‘fake it till you make it’ mask. It’s catchy, don’t you think?
3. Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil – Ugh, I love a good face oil. And now that summer is right around the corner, I appreciate a thinner texture so I can still get the benefits without it feeling too heavy on the skin. This formula contains different essential oils that help to hydrate, protect and promote elasticity. How this translated for me was my skin looked very supple and fresh each time I used it. It’s a very thin formula, almost watery to the touch that absorbs into my skin immediately. It gives me a radiant finish (not oily) each time and on days that I am feeling a bit more dry, it wears beautifully under makeup.

Have you tried any Emma Hardie products? What are some of your favorites?

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