Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners and Unlocked Soft Matte LipsticksHourglass is starting off the new year with some amazing lip launches! I am a huge Hourglass fan and have been using the brand for more than 10 years. This brow pencil was my first purchase from them more than a decade ago and is still my holy grail brow product. Hourglass has always been known for their lip products but have released some formulas that have become instant best sellers. The Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balms are absolutely amazing and the Unlocked Satin Lipsticks are one of the best satin lipsticks I’ve tried. Their two newest launches are the Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liner and the Unlocked Soft Matte Lipsticks. I have swatches for all of the lip liners and most of the matte lipsticks to help you decide which ones to buy. I also have an ongoing Hourglass discount code (MAREE) that works on anything on the Hourglass site! First up is my review of the Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners.

Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners

Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners reviewThere are 7 shades available in the lip liner formula and I have all 7 swatched in today’s post. They are a long wearing, transfer resistant formula with a soft matte finish. There is a great mix of neutral and bold shades to choose from and the pigment is very intense they are creamy, they are definitely stiff (won’t break easily) and you can instantly feel that they will be long wearing. Even with that intense color payoff, they don’t pull or tug on your lips and apply very easily. Below is a look at swatches on my arm and then on my lips so you can see both for reference.

Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liner Swatches

Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners swatchesSwatches from left to right: Flaunt, Expose, Tempt, Uncover, Candid, Incite and Silhouette

Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liners swatches on lipsMy two favorite shades in the range are Expose and Incite – a nude beige and a bold red. Most of the shades have warm undertones and apply smoothly and evenly. They are comfortable to wear alone or layer underneath your favorite lip formula. Here is a bit more about each shade:

  • Expose – Warm Beige
  • Flaunt – Warm Pinky Beige
  • Tempt – Mid-Tone Pink Beige
  • Uncover – Warm Terracotta
  • Candid – True Chestnut
  • Silhouette – Deep Red
  • Incite – True Red

Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte Lipsticks

Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte LipsticksHourglass launched the Unlocked Satin Creme lipsticks a year ago and the formula was absolutely beautiful. Richly pigmented and so creamy! To add on to the range, they recently released a matte formula under the Unlocked lipstick category and I have 7 shades to share. The Unlocked Soft Matte Lipsticks are a full coverage primer-infused formula that is meant to last all day and has a soft matte finish. I am not someone that normally loves matte lipsticks but these are absolutely heavenly! They are incredibly creamy on the lips and don’t feel drying at all. The application is smooth and full coverage with  just one swipe. I tested them and they lasted about 8 hours without needing a touchup. The bolder shades do last longer simply because the pigment stains the lips slightly but I found the neutral shades to be incredibly long wearing too. I have 7 of the shades to share and a good mix of neutral and bold colors.

Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte Lipstick Swatches

Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte Lipsticks swatchesSwatches from left to right: Peony, Tulip, Tigerlily, Foxglove, Sparrow, Lush and Orchid

Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte Lipsticks swatches on lipsAs you can see from the above photos, they make the lips look so smooth! It’s a soft matte so I would say it is more of a velvety finish rather than a dry flat matte. You only need one swipe to get the coverage needed and they do not bleed or feather which I love! Surprisingly my initial favorite shade was Tulip (a cool pink) but Lush (a warm red) was a close second. Most of the shades have a warmer undertone with the exception of Tulip. They definitely look beautiful worn alone but personally I usually throw a touch of gloss on top because I love a bit of shine on the lips. But if you are looking for a matte lipstick that doesn’t look or feel dry, these are an absolute must try! Here is a breakdown of all the shades in the range and a bit more about each:

  • Magnolia – Pink Beige
  • Tulip – Neutral Cool Pink
  • Poppy – Peachy Pink
  • Peony – Warm Beige
  • Sparrow – Neutral Deep Rose
  • Orchid – Deep Brown
  • Tigerlily – Soft Coral
  • Foxglove – Berry Rose
  • Zinnia – Red Orange
  • Lush – Warm Brick Red
  • Currant – Deep Berry
  • Red – True Red

If you want to try any of these new launches, you can use my Hourglass discount code: MAREE for 10% off sitewide.