Dior Mascara Comparisons
I’ve had a ton of traffic going to this Dior mascara comparison post so I thought I would update it with the current formulas and a bit about each one. Hopefully this mascara review will help you decide which one is best for what you are looking for!

Dior Mascara Comparisons: Dior Addict It-Lash, Diorshow, and Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

Since I published this post years ago, Dior has discontinued the It-Lash formula and that was a good decision. It just wasn’t that great of a formula and the brush was not great. Diorshow Buildable Volume Mascara was one of my all time favorite mascaras back in the day and this post reminds me that I should probably repurchase one because I loved it so much. For reference, I am a larger than life mascara gal – the bigger and more volume the better. I compared the It- Lash to the Dior Diorshow and Iconic Overcurl but a new formula has launched called the Pump N Volume mascara.
But before I give my opinions on each, let’s look at the brushes (from left to right: It-Lash, Diorshow, Iconic Overcurl). I don’t have a close up image of the Pump N Volume mascara but can give some further information on it to help compare it to the other current formulas.
Dior Mascara brushes

1. Dior Addict It-Lash (discontinued)

The brush is small and spiky so I knew it would be good at grabbing each and every lash – which was correct. It separated my lashes quite well and gave them a delicate fanned-out look. I did try applying a few coats to see if I could build it up in volume, but sadly I couldn’t get it to the kind of drama I prefer. It did smudge slightly but most mascaras do on me – so I didn’t find it a deal breaker. This mascara is receiving RAVE reviews and I hate to go against the grain, but I don’t love it. Like it? Yes. Love it? No. Repurchase? Probably not. This has been discontinued and that was definitely the right decision. It’s just not a winning formula.

2. Diorshow Buildable Volume Mascara

From the moment I used this years ago, until the present day it is an amazing mascara. It gives length, volume, drama, intensity – it’s amazing. It can get clumpy towards the end of the tube, but would you think I’m weird if I said I don’t mind clumpy lashes sometimes? Not gross clumpy lashes, but I don’t need every single lash to be separated. I like a thick lash and occasionally that can mean clumpy. Feel free to judge, I’m fine with it. LOL

3. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

I had very high hopes for this one because it was a direct descendant of Diorshow (or at least the name said it was). Again, like the It-Lash, it feel short for me. What did not fall short was the length of my lashes – they were extra long after a few swipes. However, because I do wear a substantial amount of eye makeup every day, a thick and voluminous mascara always complements it better than a more delicate one. I have kept this one for those days that I am not wearing any makeup or very light makeup. But it will not be a repurchase for me.
Dior Mascara review
Here is a look at all the mascaras swatched on my lashes. The winner undoubtedly in my opinion is still the Diorshow mascara, but the other two were nice as a base coat for me.

4. Dior Pump N Volume Mascara

The premise of this mascara is that you pump the tube to load the brush with product. Normally one or two pumps is all you need to coat the brush adequately. It is designed to be both volumizing and lengthening. It’s meant to be built up as well to get a very dramatic look. I tried this when it was first launched and initially was impressed because it made my lashes look super dramatic and dark, but over the course of the day little bits of mascara were left on my brow bone constantly. It smudged in the corners of my eyes and became a mess. It also started to get too clumpy and hard to apply after just a few wears. For that, it is definitely not a formula I would recommend.
If you want to try a Dior mascara, I still stand behind the Diorshow and think it is their best mascara formula!
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