Fenty Beauty ConcealerFenty Beauty always seems to be on the pulse of makeup and constantly creating products that consumers really want. The shade range is fantastic (over 40 inclusive shades for every skin tone included in their complexion range) and from what I have tried so far, their products are always so effective. The brand was founded by Rihanna and she is still the face of it. I’m always hesitant towards celebrity brands because so many fall flat or go out of business soon after launching. However, Fenty Beauty has stood the test of time and continues to stay relevant in the beauty market.

I had heard great things about the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Longwear Concealer and wanted to try it out. It’s been out for a while so it’s not new but new to me. It’s designed to be a full coverage, matte and long wearing concealer. There are a TON of shades to choose from and I went with shade 110 which is for very fair skin with cool/pink undertones.

Fenty Beauty Concealer Review

Fenty Beauty Concealer reviewI was a bit hesitant about the matte finish aspect of this concealer since my skin tends to be a bit more dry, but I like that it was supposed to be long wearing and there are a ton of shades to choose from. Most of the concealers that I have in my collection are more neutral or warm in terms of undertone but concealers with a pink undertone help to brighten. Shade 110 was definitely VERY light on me but did an amazing job at brightening under my eyes and counteracting any darkness. Let’s talk more about the concealer features and benefits and my thoughts on each.

Fenty Beauty Concealer Shade Range

There is no doubt that this shade range is by far one of the best out there on the market. It’s inclusive (nearly 50 shades) and I like that it goes VERY fair to VERY dark as well as everything in between. There is a mix of undertones to choose from so everyone can find something that works for them.


It’s a wand + doe foot applicator which I like best for applying concealer. The sponge tip is slightly pointed so it’s able to get right into the inner corner of the eyes and give a precise application.

Fenty Beauty Concealer Price Point

The price point falls in the mid range coming in at $30. Definitely not the least expensive option out there but it falls right in the middle.


I liked the texture but didn’t love it. It’s smooth and creamy but I definitely need something a bit more moisturizing. Definitely prep the eye area a lot before applying or else it can settle into fine lines.

Long Wearing

It is supposed to wear all day and it definitely did for me. I don’t usually set my under eye area with powder which can sometimes make concealers not last as long on me, but this one is very long wearing!

Appearance and Coverage

It’s full coverage but to be honest, I didn’t find it to be that intense. I only use a small amount and build up if I need to but even with a single swipe it concealed my dark circles nicely but didn’t feel too cakey. I prep my under eye area well so it didn’t look dry even though it is a matte finish. It make the area look smooth and bright but to be honest, I have other formulations that look better on me. The Hourglass Vanish Concealer and the Natasha Denona Concealer both look flawless under the eyes and almost seem to blur any imperfections. The Fenty Beauty concealer was nice but I could still see it on my skin and didn’t blur the area like some other formulas I use regularly.

Is Fenty Beauty Concealer Good?

While I do like it, the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer is not a favorite for me. The formula was not hydrating enough and didn’t make my skin look as great as other formulas I have and use. The color range is phenomenal which is a plus. And it’s definitely long wearing for those that need something that will last all day long. It gives great coverage but I didn’t feel it was as full coverage as I expected.

Fenty Beauty Concealer Before and After

Fenty Beauty Concealer before and afterAs you can see, the eye that I used the concealer on definitely looks brighter. The pink undertone was definitely a great choice for choosing a concealer that will really brighten the darkness under the eyes.

How to Use Fenty Beauty Concealer?

Choose the Correct Shade

While you can definitely use the same shade under the eyes as you do on the face, you can also choose one for simply brightening and another shade for concealing spots on the face. There are swatches online to help you decide on your perfect shade.

Prep the eye area

Because this is a matte and long wearing formula, it will look best on hydrated and moisturized skin.

Apply only where you need

Start with a small amount and blend before deciding to add more. Any formula that is designed to be full coverage is best used in small amounts because it is easier to build up than it is to sheer out.

Use as a foundation

Since it does give great coverage, you can use it as a foundation if you wanted and just apply to a few key areas on the face and blend out.

Fenty Beauty Concealer Swatches

Fenty Beauty Concealer SwatchesI swatched shade 110 and also compared it to my existing concealers so you can see the difference in color. I included the swatch images from Sephora but additionally there is a tool on the Fenty Beauty website that allows you to virtually try on the color to shade match and see what would work best. You can also use your Pro Filt’r foundation shade to determine which concealer color is your fit.

Where to Buy the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Concealer?