I feel as if we know each other so well at this point, no?  Week after week you listen to me ramble on about my inability to take a photo without my hand on my hip or my undying love of Julep nail products.  But yet there are still so many places out in cyberspace that you can find me and get even more bits of A Little Bit etc – I KNOW, I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT TOO.  So here is a little snapshot of all my favorite social media platforms that I am on – and frankly I try to post different things on each (ok, ok, some duplicates).  Feel free to follow me on some, all, none or just crash on my couch (kidding – my dog gets the couch).  Above is my Instagram profile page, and probably one of my favorite platforms.  I post tons of pics of my everyday life – restaurants I go to, makeup I am wearing, outfits of the day, pics of Elmo (the cutest black pug in the world) and other random bits that I find amusing.  And if you don’t come for the pics, you will want to come for the captions – sass at its best.  Find me @alittlebitetc and click here for my profile page. 
Facebook – where inappropriate status updates reign supreme! Well….not really on my page but it’s out there.  Here I like to post new photos, great sale links, interesting articles and share content from some of my favorite retailers and bloggers.  It’s a wealth of information frankly!  It’s like the wikipedia for what I love!  Click here to like my page and follow along!

Spinning from pinning, yes?  Me too! Who doesn’t love great vacation photos or recipes on making the perfect rainbow layer cake or a puppy in a teacup??!!  Alright so that stuff probably won’t be on my page, but what IS there are great pins that inspire me from home decor, to beauty, to fashion, to the occasional vacation shot (I mean how can you not), to some of my favorite fashion and beauty items to shop right now.  I have two pin boards just dedicated to all my current fashion and beauty obsessions – call it the never ending wishlist if you must.  To follow all my pins, click here for my page. 

And last but certainly not least is the lightning fast, super highway of information – twitter!  I love to tweet.  Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.  Like a little bird I am – tweeting out info, random thoughts, interesting articles, retweets like a champ – it’s a great place to interact with me on a regular and daily basis.  Let’s lament together over a discontinued lipstick, bitch about Mondays or read great articles/breaking news together.  Find me @alittlebitetc or click here to follow me.  

Whew.  I feel like we know each other soooooo much better now that we are instagramming, facebooking, pinning and tweeting together like we are besties.  Soon we will be gossiping over boys and braiding each other’s hair like it’s nothing – hoooray!!!