Because I can barely find favorites every month due to my infinite love of all cosmetics, I find it even harder to focus a single post on one product.  But when that one product really rocks my world and in this case my eyelashes – then a post it deserves.  Let me preface this post by saying that I need another mascara like I need another hole in my head, but rationalizing the beauty irrational has become quite a skill.  Now another astonishing fact you  may not know is that I have little to no Chanel makeup.  I’ll give that a minute to sink in. I apologize for not bracing you for that blow – next time I will be more careful with my beauty sentiments.  The truth is I worked for a few different luxury cosmetic lines over the years, one being French, and just allowed myself to completely overlook this amazing brand.  Don’t worry – I am doing my best to make up for it – and this Chanel Inimitable mascara is a great start.  
I think before we get started in the review – you should know that I simply love thick, volumizing, intense mascara formulas, so more than likely any review I ever do will fall into this category.  The packaging may seem simple and unassuming for this mascara, but what lies inside is magic to my eyes.  I think what made me fall in love with it prior to putting it on my lashes was the formula.  As I pulled the brush out of the tube, I noticed that it was not too thick and struck the perfect balance between wet and dry.  The brush was not particularly gasp-inducing as some can be due to their similarity to a medieval torture device or wheel spokes. This was a concise brush with just enough bristles to comb out my lashes effortlessly.  The smaller size of the brush enabled me to get every part of my lash, even though pesky, stubborn tiny lashes.  The formula went on smoothly, coating every lash fully and leaving a hearty amount with just a first coat.  It dried down immediately but did not make my lashes stiff and brittle, allowing me to add additional coats if so desired (and I do desire).  The true test for me was its wearability throughout the day and if it would flake off on my brow bone (yes, my lashes are that long and yes sometimes it can be a real pain) which it did not, and whether it would smudge on my outer corners, which again it did not.  It seemed to encapsulate every feature of a mascara I have been wanting, and my only thought was – what am I going to buy from Chanel next??!!  Below is a huge picture of my eyeball showcasing the mascara on my lashes –
And that freakishly big eyeball shot was taken with just one coat of mascara – imagine what it looks like when I apply my daily 13,482 coats.  So happy to begin my Chanel relationship with this product – I trust we are going to be very happy together.  If you want to join this love affair too, here is the link to the product so you can buy it too and we can all ride off into the sunset together on a happy Chanel mascara cloud. 
What other mascaras should I be coveting that you find simply irresistible?  More importantly, what other Chanel makeup should I have to give my mascara some company?  I don’t want it to be lonely!!  Leave me a comment below or tweet me @alittlebitetc and tell me.  
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