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Fashion Bits: A Boot Story Volume 3

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Here we are at the final installment of “A Boot Story” – rounding out the series with my foul weather boot choices.  Confession: I do have a few more weather-related boots (and possibly even some old pairs of Uggs – oh the shame), but they are more for walking the dog in the crappiest of conditions and felt their presence in this post would just exist to bring it down.  So let’s focus on my favorite boots to wear when precipitation is upon us, or just when it reaches temps of unacceptable ranges. 
1.  Hunter Regent Savoy Boot – How could I live in NYC and not own Wellies?  It’s like a rite of passage some would say.  But truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of the standard style, as it tends to develop a chalky cast over it after a few wears because of the rubber material.  This style does not chalk up at all!  And I prefer the slightly slimmer cut and less rounded toe – tres rain chic.
2.  Sperry Top Sider Shearwater Boot – Ahhhh, the infamous snow boot that many use as an opportunity to buy shoes that resemble yeti feet.  I shudder at all those overly furry, fuzzy-wuzzy type snow boots.  I was delighted to find a style that does a fine job of not overly distracting from my professional work attire during my dreaded walk to work- in the snow – up hill – both ways scenario that unfolds every winter. 
3.  J. Crew MacAlister Boot – My purpose in buying boots such as these was motivated by the frigid cold temps that do not produce snow but freeze my feet in pumps.  Because I own so many skirts and dresses and am still a sucker for a good pump paired with, I need something to help me make it from the warmth (read – blazing hot pre-war building radiator heat) to the comfort of my midtown office (read – slightly chilly office building with a direct space heater pointed at my body all day).  These fit the bill perfectly and look quite nice I might add.   Think I may even pick myself up a different shade for this year – when you love something, you should own all the colors, right?  It’s written somewhere as a law I believe. 
So there you have it –  my entire boot collection, save for a few pitiful pairs that I have had for over 10 years and only exist to be seen for a. dog walking b. armageddon.  What is your boot collection like?  Any pairs that you love that I should add to my closet? 
Though I am excited to share my boot collection – it pales in comparison to my excitement for my current GIVEAWAY!  I am giving away a Julep holiday  nail set – and get this – it is one of OPRAH’s favorite things for 2012.  I can hardly believe it myself.  You know you want to win.  Click here for all the details.  Good Luck!

Fashion Bits: A Boot Story Volume 2

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And now for the exciting sequel to last week’s “A Boot Story”……
Ankle boots with a wedge heel

Unabashedly I say that I am a fan of comfort.  Living in a city that has a transportation system based on walking everywhere, I soon shelved my 21-year-old sentiment of “I always wear 4 inches or higher”.  Gah.  The nerve of that girl.  I am glad the off-duty cab situation that always occurs when I need to get somewhere whipped my ass into gear.  I soon found that I could somewhat have the best of both worlds in the form of wedge boots that still give me height but allow me to hold my head high, walking proudly with little to no wincing.  Here are my my wedge winners:
1. Jean Michel Cazabat – a wedge AND a point?  I knew I had to have them.  And let me tell you that they are truly one of the best boots I have ever purchased.  Your feet need them.  They will thank me later.
2. J. Crew Wedge Boot (similar here) – The color of these boots scream Fall, while the moderate heel height allows me not to scream at all when wearing. A little more of a casual vibe when wearing these – think cozy sweater dress and tights. See it? Now stick my head on that image. There I am! Look – I’m waving to you in your image. 
Stiletto Ankle Boots
For the days that I want to be uncomfortable, I look to my stiletto heeled ankle boots.  And don’t get me wrong, they are a beauty but those gray jams on the left – ooof!  Sass with a side of searing pain after an hour or two.  But I am still a slave to it all and so I oblige like the fashion lemming I am.
1. Gucci Suede Stiletto Ankle Booties (similar here) – Damn these are one hot shoe and they look amazing with skinny jeans, pants, leggings – anything!  Gucci can do no wrong, right?
2. J. Crew Ankle Boot (similar here) – the heel is significantly shorter on this boot so they do wear quite well for most of the day, though I don’t recommend them if you will be walking the whole time.  I even went so far as to pair these with shorts in the early Fall.  Who’s a fashion daredevil??? *raises hand*
Ankle Boots with a Chunky Heel

A middle ground between the previous two categories.  Much gentler on the feet though still giving the much needed height that my 5’3″ frame warrants.  Walking is possible in these, though they tend to be reserved for a more casual ensemble.
1. J. Crew Aggie Boot – I just purchased these boots and am already thinking about another pair.  True story: I went to brunch with a girlfriend two weeks ago and she loved the look of these so much that she texted me 30 minutes after I got home to say she bought a pair online.  Just waiting on my commission check, J.Crew…….any day now, right?
2. Madewell Black Stacked Heel Boot (similar here) – I tend to call these my “granny boots” though I am not sure my grandma would have worn them.  I do find them a mix of modern and vintage – as much of Madewell’s clothing and shoes tends to resonate between the two.  A little higher heel which make for a louder stomp when walking.  If I am behind you on the street, I sound like the principal walking through your middle school hallways.  But I look gooooooooddddddd.
There you have it – part 2 of my boot miniseries.  I am sure Lifetime will be calling shortly to pick it up so you can say you knew me when…….   The final installment will be later this week.  These past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind, but new outfit posts are coming soon showcasing all the boots.  Please contain your excitement.  Until then…….

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