Just looking at this picture makes me remember how comfortable this dress is…..and how 90% of my wardrobe is not.  Uh..the plight of a fashion lover.  But when summer rolls around and girls everywhere begin sporting their maxi dresses, a collective sigh is breathed among hips, thighs and stomachs.  Comfort can finally be had while still maintaining your dignity.  Finding one to fit my 5’4″ height is often my biggest challenge, but this GAP piece hit right at the ankles without the need for the dreaded skirt carry that I see some many women fighting.  As I am not an over-decorated individual, I prefer to wear it as is with just simple gold sandals.  But on such a dress, I am not opposed to a scarf drape, chunky necklace appearance or even an arm party of assorted bingle-bangles (not to be confused with thingamabobs or whatsahoosies).  My main motivation in my maxi dress expression, is the ability to eat a meal without fearing that my seams may burst on my “fitted” (painted on) outfit.  Is this what men feel like everyday? Comfortable? Dressed with room to breathe?  Mind-blowing.  Truly it is.  Now hand me my tight jeans….I have a dinner to get to.

Dress – GAP | Sandals – Tory Burch | Polish – GOSH Cosmetics “Miss Minty”