I appreciate when fashion doesn’t take itself so seriously, especially when pieces emerge that look like an old version of the batman series – KA-POW!  I know that you can picture a small, animated cloud appearing above Adam West as he slugs a bad guy – and now imagine wearing it.  Life imitating art or fashion imitating TV or a designer imitating basically anything.  And that may be a woman crying on your handbag – but I guarantee there will be no tears shed while wearing such a fun piece.  Maybe tears of joy for your fashion conquest.  Endless amounts of fun would be had toting around that cute little mini shoulder bag – mainly because your back is rejoicing in a handbag that weighs less than 75 lbs.  But I neeeeeeeeed to carry all those glasses, tissue packs, hair brushes, family photo albums, 2 cell phones and mini first aid kit.  No. You. Don’t.  Dress lighter and wear cartoonish stuff – it’s liberating.  A Little Bit etc – part blog – part oracle.