Don’t you just wanna brush that hair away from my cheek? I do.
Pale but breezy. No other way to be.
I was undecided on shorts for quite a long time.  I am super pale, have short legs (ugh, need I go on?) and find them very hard to look “put together” when wearing.  But then every summer,  Mother Nature gets really mad at New Yorkers for not recycling enough or jay walking during rush hour or something, and hits us with heat that makes you swear that you will compost for the rest of your life to make it go away.  It’s in these moments, while contemplating the fate of my job if adorned in a bathing suit at my desk Monday morning, that I storm the racks at my closest retailer in a desperate search for…..shorts.  Will this be the year of the shorts for yours truly?  Well I am not convinced that my entire wardrobe will migrate away from pants and skirts, but I am in possession of more pairs this year than ever before.  This could just be my fashion addiction you may say, but who asked you anyways?  My legs needed to breathe and these polka dot pretties from Madewell fit the bill perfectly.  Throw on a basic tank and neon belt, and we are in business.  The business of being cool – in all senses of the word.   
Tank – Joe Fresh | Belt – Ann Taylor | Shorts – Madewell | Sandals – Rachel Zoe