I have a love affair with stripes.  If I am in a store, and there is something striped – most likely it is going home with me.  Thank goodness people are not striped, or else I would have had quite the reputation in my single days.  Um…an appropriate transition is probably necessary here to erase your images of me tramping it up around Manhattan with hoards of striped men but I’m at a loss so – deal with it.  During the summer, the temps in NYC can be almost unbearable (ok, it’s like living in the tenth circle of hell somedays) and with a city whose entire transportation structure is underground – you must dress accordingly for weekend wanderings.  A mini striped tank dress seemed to fit this bill perfectly, and so when I happened upon this one in Madewell, it seemed like kismet for our sunday outing.  And it has this adorable neon detail stitching on the front pocket – so feel free to inappropriately stare are my chest in this picture – it is for fashion.  Noone will fault you.  Well they may have their judgements at a public internet cafe, but my propped hand-on-hip pose in front of a cargo/ship thingy will hopefully convince them it’s legit voyeurism.  And if not, well then you are probably creepy to begin with – brilliant because you read my blog, but nonetheless creepy.  Congrats.  But back to the matter at hand – my sartorial choices for a water taxi ride to Brooklyn.  A straw hat and cork print belt round out the breezy look.  Pasty white skin?  Well that is just a bonus.
What did you do this weekend?  And more importantly – WHAT DID YOU WEAR???
Dress – Madewell | Belt – Ann Taylor | Hat – Banana Republic | Sandals – Coach