A package for me????  Heck yeah there is!  I received my monthly Julep Maven box and I thought I would share it with all of you.  You. are. welcome. This month the theme was “Fourth of July” so the colors were quite festive in red (America), white (Kate) and blue (Daphne), with a bonus polish being in a multi-colored glitter (Mila).  If you are unfamiliar with the program, it is a membership program that costs $19.99/month.  Each month you receive the newest colors and any other new beauty products they are promoting.  The box is normally valued at over $40 – so it is a great deal!  If you are a nail polish junkie like moi, then you need to get a membership like, yesterday.  Stay tuned for the next few weeks to see these buggers on my fingers for my Sunday Nailday posts.  Happy Saturday!