YSL Arty Ring

In light of yesterday’s rather um, shocking news, it only seems natural to feature a piece from YSL on Friday Fancies.  While this ring is not new to the scene, it is still one of my favorite jewelry pieces that has had quite the staying power.  Pieces that reemerge season after season can often lose their “star” power and fall amongst the “been there and over it” pile, but I quite fancy the Arty ring still to this day.  Though not a huge jewelry wearer, I would adorn my fingers with this fun piece, that has now been introduced in every stone and metal finish imaginable.  I assume it would probably hold more meaning now with the exit of the YSL name – so maybe I should translate my adoration into a tangible reality.  I can think of it as capturing a piece of history, preserving a legacy – basically any justification that shrouds “fashion addiction”.