I have accepted my fate as an oily skin individual.  The urban myths tell me I will age well, and while that would be great if I was entering my golden years of retirement, I have to accept my current plight of being a young professional woman in my 30’s who is trying to fight the shine.  Not of my hair, my career, or my jewels – but of my face.  And summers in NYC only exist to be the bane of my facial existence.  You can imagine my surprise when a few years ago, I was introduced to cleansing OILS that I could use to clean my face and take off makeup.  Say wha?  Oil on my face?  Hell to the n…..well OK, I’ll try it.  Sucker.  Which is how I felt until I used my first Shu Uemura cleansing oil – and it was quite remarkable.  It cut right through my makeup (a feat in and of itself), and rinsed off with amazing ease, leaving my skin feeling softer than I thought possible.  Convinced this cleansing experience was a fluke, I kept using the oil all week and my skin looked brighter, clearer and dare I say slightly less oily.  Well my bold experiment years ago has turned into a transformation just shy of devotion.  While I do dabble in other cleansing mediums – I am never too far away from an oil.  My best advice is to use with dry hands and a dry face.  A funky feeling is an understatement as you are rubbing oil all over your dry face, but a thorough rinse with water will turn most oils to a milk and wash right away.  Caveat emptor (honors Latin ya’ll) – if you love that tight, super squeaky clean feeling that many cleansers give – this may not be your gig.  But I dare you to shake up your skincare routine and throw in a cleansing oil.  You may be on the edge of a beauty breakthrough – a revolution for your face! Nah – probably not – but at least it may give you an excuse to shop – like you really need one.  And hell, if you do try – let a girl know!  Drop me a line and tell me your thoughts – inquiring minds, ok mind, wants to know.