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Weekend Delivery

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A package for me????  Heck yeah there is!  I received my monthly Julep Maven box and I thought I would share it with all of you.  You. are. welcome. This month the theme was “Fourth of July” so the colors were quite festive in red (America), white (Kate) and blue (Daphne), with a bonus polish being in a multi-colored glitter (Mila).  If you are unfamiliar with the program, it is a membership program that costs $19.99/month.  Each month you receive the newest colors and any other new beauty products they are promoting.  The box is normally valued at over $40 – so it is a great deal!  If you are a nail polish junkie like moi, then you need to get a membership like, yesterday.  Stay tuned for the next few weeks to see these buggers on my fingers for my Sunday Nailday posts.  Happy Saturday!

Beauty Bit: Members Only

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Beauty product subscriptions! I want in!!!!  I have recently been turned on to this novel concept where different companies have membership programs that you join and receive monthly gift boxes FULL of goodies.  Yea – Mr. Mailman soon begins to take on a portly shape and grow a white beard in this mirage.  Is that a sleigh or a mail truck?  Who cares – he’s got a package with my name on it!  Here’s two of my newest finds: Julep Maven program and Birchbox

I stumbled upon Julep nail products while perusing Vogue.com.  The rich purple shade they were featuring for spring was just gorgeous – and the bottle was incredibly chic.  So on the hunt I was – to find these julep jewels and see if I would love the rest of their colors.  To my dismay, they were not sold in NYC (imagine that – isn’t NYC the center of the universe? says all New Yorkers), but since I do have a black belt in online shopping – I was pleased to find I could buy them direct from their website.  Founded by Jane Park, a former Starbucks executive, Julep is a small chain of nail salons in Seattle that now carries their own line of nail and beauty products.  And here is where the story gets good – while browsing (hunting) through their website, I came across their Maven program – a membership program that sends you pre-selected full size nail polishes monthly accordingly to your style.  I chose the $19.99/month program and each monthly box contains over $40 worth of full sized nail and beauty products.  My first box arrived just a few days ago – and it was just a little piece of beauty junkie heaven.   
Birchbox is an online beauty company that sells various beauty products, but also offers this simply addictive monthly sampling program.  Frankly, I am not a sample gal.  Don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em – I put them in the knick-knack, doo-dad category of crap that can clutter my apartment and subject me to a future submission on an episode of Hoarders.  BUT – when I took a look at this lil’ diddy of a program – I gladly found space for more stuff.  Though they have many different membership programs available, the one that I chose was the $10/month deluxe beauty sample program.  And while they say sample – these buggers are often full sized or a large travel size – and run the gamut of products.  My first box that arrived this evening contained a full size Essie nail polish, full size Tarte lip stain pencil, travel size Shiseido blotting papers and a Annick Goutal fragrance sample.  Knick-knack patty wack – give Maree a Birchbox!!!!

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