Chantecaille eye shadows
Confession, I love a good 90’s eye look.  Lid color, crease, liner, highlight – the whole sha-bang. But there are often many mornings when time does not permit me to be so daring, and my lid only gets one wash of color.  Now I’m picky when it comes to that lone shade, because it has no wing man/shadow.  It has to stand alone and speak for itself.  Tough job.  While perusing the shelves at Space NK recently, I stayed a bit too long at the Chantecaille display mesmerized by their shadows.  So elegant, so refined, so grown up.  I must have swatched a million and they were the perfect balance of rich pigmentation and subtlety – buttery smooth to the touch and easy to blend.  I was hooked.  They didn’t have the 8 palette option in stock, so I had to settle for the 3.  I was sad, but my wallet was happy.  I chose 3 shades that I felt would be perfect for the “all over lid wash” look I am rocking recently.   
Chantecaille eye shadow swatches
The palest shade Ginger is almost nonexistent in my above swatch because it matches my skin perfectly.  It evens out my lid color perfectly masking any veins and discolorations (ugh, eyelids are so ugly), and is the ultimate matte neutral shade.  I will hit pan on this color, I can promise you that.  The gray shade called Sel has just a hint of shimmer, but again done in such a refined way that I feel fancy just applying it.  *puts pinky out when picking up brush*  A few coats of mascara and my eyes have a beautifully delicate smoky look that is appropriate for the day.  And finally this warm bronzey gold shade in Bois that will most certainly be on repeat this summer, wears perfectly with a peach blush (love this one) and a coral lip (this one and this one are must haves).  That 8 palette option is coming home with me soon, so stay tuned for what other shades I acquire and push on you.  Oooops, I mean blog about.

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