photo Revloncolorburst.jpgThe blogs are a-talkin’ about these Revlon lip balms, and so far I have only been able to find the lacquer balms.  I am holding out for the matte balms, and hopefully they wow me a bit more than the lacquer ones did.  I purchased both a bold (called Vivacious Exuberante) and neutral (called Demure Reservee), figuring I would love the nude a tad more (because – well, we all know I live for a natural lip), but surprisingly it fell flat for me, while the brighter shade won me over.  Below is a look at the swatches of each color.
They are super easy to apply and feel great on the lips, but the shimmer/glitter in the nude shade, Demure Reservee was too gritty for my lips and actually altered the color to have an odd blue/green tint.  I know, it was weird for me too.  Vivacious Exuberante (these names though?) was less glittery and had a much more buttery smooth finish on the lips, with pigmentation that lasted for a good 4-5 hours.  I love the twist up option rather than having to use a sharpener, and if I can manage to track down the matte balms, I think I may have a stronger fondness for those.  On a side note, I recently bought a Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm and was wowed by it – you can see the swatch and review here.  Have you tried these lacquer balms? What are your thoughts and what shades did you love?
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