A Bit Obsessed: April Beauty Favorites

This month was a little light on my favorites since my focus shifted to building a spring/summer wardrobe - something always suffers, right??!!! But nonetheless, these items were on regular rotation and are too amazing not to share.  

1.  NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita - Mentioned in my recent 'Favorite Nude Lips' post, this is an everyday shade with some ooomph.  Bold enough to wear on its own, but perfect when worn with a neutral eye and cheek, the texture is smooth and non-drying to my lips - a feat in and of itself for a matte lip.
2.  Chanel blush in Rose Initiale - The Chanel obsession has begun ya'll, and I don't think I have the will power to fight it.  And why would I want to after trying this gem.  A rosy glow would be an understatement - it gives my face the perfect flush and is wearable with just about any eye or lip I pair with it. 
3.  Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope eye palette in Chauvet Pont d'Arc - During my recent vacation, I realized that the makeup I bring represents those products that I simply cannot live without, and those that are guaranteed to make me look my best.  This was the first eye palette that I packed and the only one I wore during the entire trip - it was clear this had to be a monthly favorite.  A buttery soft texture mixed with all day staying power made these shadows some of the best I have ever used. 
4.  Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask - In a nutshell - glowing skin in a jar.  Apply once a week for about 20 minutes and skin is soft, hydrated, smooth and texture-less! 
5.  Essie nail polish in Lilacism - I think this may just be the unofficial color of spring.  Though I am not a fan of pastels, this color strikes the perfect balance between classic and color.  A must have in all polish wardrobes. 
6.  Burberry Lip Glow in Mallow Pink - Typically I am averse to glosses (well it's more my hair that is averse to getting stuck in it), but this wears more as a liquid lipstick than a gloss.  The tackiness dries down quickly and the color pay off is pretty phenomenal.  Touch ups need not apply for this product.
7.  Mario Badescu Facial Spray - Where has this product been my whole life?????  I spray it in the morning after I cleanse, I spray it during the day for a quick boost, I spray it at night while watching TV - frankly it goes everywhere with me.  BFFs for life. 

If you haven't heard yet (FYI - all my secrets are leaked on twitter first.... @alittlebitetc), my next giveaway is just around the corner.  Hint:  it involves some products from a recent post - that's all you get!  No more hints!  Stay tuned for more details soon!

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  1. Dying for that Tata Harper mask and Mario Badescu spray. They both have such goodness!

    1. We are always on the same beauty wavelength :)

  2. The Tata Harper mask sounds intriguing...might have to give that a try!


    1. It is so great - I think you will love it!


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