1. Call Your Daughter Home – While I did love Where the Crawdads Sing which many liken this book to as it has a similar feel, I didn’t love this one as much. The story takes place in the 1920’s in South Carolina and follows the lives of three women who cross paths but all live very different existences. Gertrude is a mother of 4 daughters and leaves her abusive husband to find a better life. She arrives at the home of Annie Coles, a wealthy socialite that has employment opportunities for Gertrude. While Gertrude must resolve some issues back at home, she leaves her daughters with Retta, Annie’s maid. All three women, Gertrude, Annie and Retta are fighting their own secret battles and struggles and the story comes to a climax when these women must lean on one another for support. I did get more into the book as I went on but it still wasn’t a favorite. Rating: 6.5

2. Emma In the Night – I was excited to read this book as I love a good mystery but it was good, though not great. Emma and her sister Cass go missing one evening and 3 years later, Cass returns alone to the home she left and tells a wild tale of kidnapping that doesn’t seem to add up. Cass and Emma’s mother is a true narcissist so the investigators on the case must wade through the lies of this dysfunctional family to find out what has happened to Emma. Rating: 7

3. The Wife Stalker – This was such an easy read and enjoyable mystery that I immediately downloaded another book from Liv Constantine as soon I was finished. Piper Reynard is a new transplant to Westport, Ct and has left behind a tragic past that she wishes to forget. She falls in love with Leo, a wealthy lawyer with a wedding ring on his finger. But that wedding ring doesn’t deter Piper. Joanna who loves Leo and his children is not happy that Leo has found a new love and fights for their relationship and is determined to uncover Piper’s past. I love the twists and turns that this book has and the ending really surprised me! Rating: 8.5

4. The Stranger in the Mirror – Another Liv Constantine novel that I loved! She wrote the The Last Mrs. Parrish as well which I enjoyed too. Addison is about to get married to the love of her life though she is having second thoughts. Prior to the past two years, she cannot remember any of her past. She met her fiance after a tragic accident and has no real idea who she is and what her life was like before this. When her previous husband finds her, she must face the reality of her past life and try to uncover the truth about what really happened to her. Another great mystery and easy read! Rating: 8.5

5. The Power Couple – My favorite book of the bunch!! I LOVED it!!! It was told from the perspective of the characters, switching between them throughout the book. Sometimes this can be hard to follow, but in this book it was seamless. Rebecca and Brian are the ultimate power couple. Rebecca is an FBI agent and Brian works as a coder for the NSA. Their relationship has had its ups and downs but when their daughter is kidnapped during a family vacation, they must come together to use all their connections to find her. But things are not as they seem and secrets are revealed they will change everything for this seemingly happy family. I could not put this book down – so good!! Rating: 9

6. Animal – WTF. That was my thought while reading this book. I should have known I wouldn’t enjoy it because I didn’t enjoy Three Women which was written by the same author. Both books have high praise, but Lisa Taddeo’s style of writing is not for me. This book did remind me of something you would read for a college lit class and dissect intensely because there is so much in the story. Normally I enjoy books like that but this one was not a hit for me. Joan has lived a hard life once her parents died and constantly sought out the attention of men to fill the void. These men have not treated her well and after a horrific event with a long time affair, she leaves NYC in search of answers to her past that she believes lies in Los Angeles. There is a lot of unpack in this story and Joan’s relationships with men are heartbreaking to listen to and her desperation and loneliness are palpable. I can see why the book received high praise, but it wasn’t for me. Rating: 6