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Review: Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette, By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smokey Nude and Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere

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I’m excited to share my thoughts on these three neutral palettes because not only are they aesthetically beautiful to look at – every single shade is wearable. Most palettes I have in my collection have those one or two rogue colors that don’t quite work and could have been left out. But surprisingly with these three palettes from Viseart, By Terry and Becca, there is not a single shade that is not perfect for daily use. Here are my thoughts on each one with corresponding swatches for reference:

1. Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette – While I love each and every shade in this Becca palette, I found myself reaching for it as an accompaniment to my daily looks. I would use the shades to either deepen my crease, enhance my liner or highlight under my brow bone. I did attempt a full eye look with the shades in this palette and it was beautiful but very simple. It did more to enhance the shape of my eye and bring out my natural features, rather than add any pizzazz or drama. That being said, even though it’s a palette with the most neutral of shades – I have been using it more than I anticipated. It has some of the best crease shades and I end up adding one to my look almost every day. For that, I think it is a great addition to one’s makeup collection that may be missing shadow staples to create a polished and refined eyeshadow look.

2. By Terry Eye Designer Palette Smokey Nude – By Terry products always take it to the next level with packaging, colors and textures, but this palette is absolutely stunning. *insert heart eye emoji* The mix of colors is perfection with both cool and warm tones having an equal share, and it combines matte and shimmer shades to accommodate everyone’s taste. As usual with By Terry products, the pigmentation and quality of her powder formulations is like no other. These shadows feel like a cream though they are powder, blend effortlessly and have a medium pigmentation that allows for a sheer wash of color or a bold finish. The shimmer is understated and subtle but enough to give some dimension, while the matte is rich and smooth but never flat looking. This palette may be a splurge, but it is worth every penny.

3. Viseart Theory Palette in Cashmere – What drew me in immediately with this palette was its size – it’s so compact and cute! There are 3 matte and 3 shimmer shades all in the same color family. I like that there is a color for every part of the eye – lid, crease and liner so that it can be an all-in-one palette without needing any additional shadows. The shadows have a medium pigmentation, though I find that the shimmer shades are a bit more transparent when blended out. There was only a small bit of fall-out when I applied the palette to my lids, but each color blends easily and work cohesively together. I found myself using every shade in the palette all in one look because they all work so beautifully together.

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Two Matte Eyeshadow Palettes Perfect for Everyday Use

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Years ago I was anti-matte. Anti-matte lips, anti-matte skin, anti-matte anything. (I know, it’s hard to believe) However, I could not be further from that mindset now. I LIVE for a matte lip, matte cheek, matte skin and of course, a matte eye! I especially like to create a strong eye with tons of dimension (lid, crease, liner, brow highlight) using a matte palette because the finish look is flawless. I have heard tons of rave reviews on each of these palettes so I am happy to finally get to try them for myself.
1. Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette – There was a time when I would find out about new products through magazines or in-store, but now it is almost entirely through blogs and social media. And the blogosphere is talking about these Visearts palettes. Beautylish sent this one over to me for review, and the color palette seemed right up my alley. It’s rare that one eye shadow palette can be used on any and every skin tone, but this is an exception. The colors are rich, warm and strongly pigmented so I am positive they would look good on the fairest to darkest of skins. Blending with these is a breeze and if you are a makeup artist, this needs to go in your kit asap. I only had one little gripe with this palette and it was that it only contained 2 super pale shades that I could use as a lid or base color. Most of the other colors are the perfect crease and/or liner shade, but I would have liked to have had 1 or even 2 more very pale shades that I can use as a quick wash over the lid. I know, I’m so picky. What can I say? I love my boring, basic bone lid hues. But overall, this is a stunner and I can almost guarantee it will become the palette you reach for over and over again as the base for every makeup look.
2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – Where the Viseart was lacking in pale, basic lid shades, the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette more than makes up for that. Between the easy to carry size, the perfect balance of pale lid colors, medium toned crease colors and a dark liner shade – this palette was made for makeup bags and travel. I have decided to change the name of this palette from Naked Basics to No Brainer, because you will get a classic and appropriate-for-any-occasion eye look out of this every time. The pigmentation is rich (though surprisingly not as rich as Viseart – those shadows are dense), and blends easily. I mean this next statement as a compliment though it may not seem so at first, but this is the kind of palette that you can fall into a rut using. It is so easy, creates such beautiful looks and can be worn for day, night, weekends, etc that you will look down weeks later and realize that you haven’t reached for any other palette in a long time. AND THEN YOU WILL BREAK DOWN AND GO TO SEPHORA TO FEEL WHOLE AGAIN. But you will come back to this one time and time again, because it is one of those palettes that you can’t quit and will most definitely hit pan on. Or at least I predict I will. Challenge accepted. 
*pr samples included

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