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Bits and Pieces: Metallic Sandals

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I feel like the older I get, the more I need to work comfortable pieces into my wardrobe, the catch being that they must still be stylish and reflective of “me”. I was totally that girl years ago hobbling around in heels that I could barely walk in, praying a cab would stop and save me from my ridiculous fashion choice. I’ve wised up a bit, and love clothes and shoes that are a bit more practical. These Loeffler Randall sandals seemed like the perfect summer sandal to wear casually and perhaps a bit dressed up, though they are not going to a black tie function anytime soon. I am leaving for Grand Cayman Island tomorrow and these are the first shoes I am packing. Dresses, pants, cut off shorts – they will all be fair game for wearing with these sandals. There are days that I miss those 5 inch ‘bad choices’, but at least I can say I wore them. Hell, I rocked them. And I have fond memories of the entire thing. 

Dress – Club Monaco (old but loving this one and this one) | Belt – GAP (similar here) | Sandals – Loeffler Randall (on sale!!!)
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Bits and Pieces: Spring Blouse With Boyfriend Jeans

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Sometimes I want to thank the person who brought back the boyfriend jean trend, if for no other reason than making eating comfortable. It gives a bit of a break from skinny jeans where salads are inevitable. And another silk blouse from Equipment, you may be asking? Yup. The silk is unbelievable to the touch and they fall so effortlessly on the body. A tad on the pricey side, but they do go on sale often and that is when I pounce. A little secret I also have is I pin all my favorite items from around the web to this pinboard, and then go back and check them regularly to see when they are discounted. I find so many great things when I am online shopping, yet always forget what I actually want to buy when the time comes. So this pinboard (I have one for beauty too) makes shopping so much easier. And I can visually see what is missing from my closet as well, and pin some pieces I need to help round it out more. A tad on the hyper-organized side? Yes, but it works for me. (and maybe for you too – a little over organization never hurt anyone)

Blouse – Equipment | Jeans – GAP (similar here) | Belt – Madewell (similar here) | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik | Bracelet – Giles & Brother | Lips – Dior “Open Me” 

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