Oh don’t mind me, just standing in the middle of a vineyard in heels – say wha????  I know, I know – the other guests visiting the winery were staring too.  #bloggerproblems  This was taken a few weekends back during my weekend getaway to Long Island – I can never resist a shot with a view.  Now onto the outfit – beginning with these shoes.  These. Shoes. They are the perfect height (for me) at a manageable 3 inches and some of the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn – even standing in grass!!!  When I first purchased them from the Shopbop sale, I was so proud of myself for getting something not neutral (I know you guys are proud too).  Then the immediate “what will I wear them with” thought began to creep in – until they showed up at my doorstep and I put them on.  I began grabbing things in my closet – solid colors and patterns – and they looked good with everything!  Especially this dress, which I purchased on final sale at the GAP and it quickly became a summertime favorite.  Though it is a drop waist style, I threw a belt on to create some definition and found it flattered my figure so much more.  As a curvy gal, wearing blousier styles always calls for a cinched waist.  That is until you have to sit down and eat your weight in seafood.  And then that great waist definer you so stylishly added, becomes a medieval torture device hell bent on making you pass on dessert.  But don’t give in. You just unbuckle that bad boy, grab your fork and tell your dinner companion to back it up.  You are back in business.  

Dress – GAP | Belt – GAP | Pumps – Loeffler Randall