I’m such a sucker for fabulous packaging – the sparklier and fancier the better.  But when it comes to mascara, the truth is in the wand.  Short, fat, round, spiky, long, spindly – there are almost too many to choose from at this point.  But during Nordstrom’s recent buy 2 get 1 free mascara promotion (I typically share all great promotions on Twitter, so be sure to follow me @alittlebitetc), it was an easy decision.  Dior’s Diorshow has been a staple in my mascara wardrobe for years – the brush is super fat and thick – and that is exactly how my lashes look after 2 coats.  Me likey.  The other two were purchases made after trying sample sizes and falling into major love with both.  Even though I typically love a dramatic full lash, Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme was a must have because of the amazing length it gave my lashes.  They were feathery, light and voluminous without being heavy or clumpy.  For my final pick, I really wanted to say that I love it simply because it is Chanel (hey, at least I’m honest) – but this new Le Volume de Chanel formula is every bit the supreme quality that you would expect from this legendary brand.  The brush is a lot smaller with shorter bristles, which means that every single lash, no matter how minuscule is coated with this inky black formula.  Lashes come out full, thick, dark and long – a perfect choice for those who love lash drama (me, me, me!!!).  Do I have a favorite out of the 3?  To be honest – no.  They are all equally amazing and need to be in your mascara collection.  Not to be pushy or anything.  
What are some of your favorite mascaras?  Have been wanting to try some drugstore formulas – any recommendations?
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