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Bits and Pieces: Monochromatic

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 photo Monochromatic5.jpg photo Monochromatic4.jpg photo Monochromatic3.jpg photo Monochromatic2.jpgThere is nothing as exciting and magical as the holiday season, and then January hits. Cue the doldrums. Major doldrums.  Cold weather, not a sign of spring in sight and more snow/rain/sleet than we could ever want.  The only thing that gives me a little boost in the morning is putting a polished outfit together.  The weather may not be cooperating, but at least I can feel fabulous.  Good ol’ sartorial trickery – it can really get you through the tough times.  And an outfit like this is not only comfortable and warm, but makes me feel slightly better about the weather.  Emphasis on slightly.

Coat – Zara (similar here and here) | Sweater – Club Monaco (similar here and love this one) | Skirt – Club Monaco (similar here) | Belt – J.Crew | Boots – YSL (similar here) | Gloves – J.Crew

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Bits and Pieces: Overcoat

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 photo b43f35fd-0ba2-4f90-8884-4663cf2aca5a.jpg photo 36c5e09d-9ecb-4d9a-96df-c3428d69b655.jpg photo ca0a67ec-5325-4232-b701-9cd64c6757c9.jpg photo a99c7195-3202-40cc-94f8-a25e7d21535a.jpg Sometimes I wear an outfit and feel that it is just too comfortable to be allowed in public.  Do you have those outfits?  Ones where you put it on and think “I seriously feel like I am my pajamas – how can this be suitable for the outside world?”  For this look, it is really the boyfriend jeans that make it so easy to wear – getting a break from skinny jeans is a welcome change.  And we already know I have a thing for these super cozy Club Monaco turtlenecks, so it’s no surprise that I threw one on with this look.  My trusty Zara overcoat has been going strong for a few years, and these Manolo Blahnik pumps get worn any season – they are that timeless.  I wasn’t sure I would like a baggy-on-baggy look, but for me throwing on a fitted shirt helps to make the outfit not as shapeless.  I love a good casual, downtown look, but I need it to still fit my figure and have a slight feminine edge.  My curves aren’t going anywhere so I have learned how to work with them and adapt looks to work for me.  Even boyfriend jeans and overcoats. 

Overcoat – Zara (similar here) | Turtleneck – Club Monaco | Jeans – Gap (similar here) | Belt – Madewell | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik

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