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A Bit Obsessd: February Beauty Favorites

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Another month gone by, another pile of beauty favorites.  A little less skincare heavy this month, but I will never stray too far so DO NOT WORRY. 

A Bit Obsessed: January Beauty Favorites

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It may be 2 days before Valentine’s Day, but I’m still talking January – beauty favorites that is!  Call me fashionably late if you must but these

A Bit Obsessed: December Beauty Favorites

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Happy New Year!  Another month, another year, another beauty favorites.  Where does the time go?  And more importantly, how do I continue to narrow down my favorites

A Bit Obsessed: November Beauty Favorites

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The time has come once again for me to bestow the much coveted title of “favorites” to beauty products that I simply adore.  A slightly more beauty

A Bit Obsessed: October Beauty Favorites

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Just like parents who cannot pick a favorite child because they love them all equally, I am presented with the same challenge when trying to bestow this