Happy New Year!  Another month, another year, another beauty favorites.  Where does the time go?  And more importantly, how do I continue to narrow down my favorites every month from the 13,659 products I am buying/trying/lusting after to just a few picks?? I’m always still shocked that I manage to create a post that is manageable to read without just taking a picture of my entire makeup/skincare collection and calling it my “favorites”.  Or more than that – just walking to the Bergdorf Goodman beauty floor and taking a picture of the entire thing and calling it “favorites”.  But I did narrow it down (somehowwwwww….ugh. See the things I do for you???!!), and this month was much heavier into skincare than ever before – hope you enjoy!

Candles?  CANDLES?  On a monthly beauty favorites?!  Yes I was just as shocked as you, but to be honest, there was not a single day that followed after receiving these candles that I was not burning one – they are that amazing! What was my apartment smelling like before NEST Fragrances??  I can’t and DO NOT WANT to remember.
1.  NEST Fragrances Holiday Candle – I received this as a gift from my boss, and found that this candle single handedly made my apartment festive.  Not the tree or the stockings or the twinkle lights – this candle!  If I was at home, I was burning this candle.  Not just for an hour to let the scent linger – for the entire time until I would leave the apartment again.  Spoiler alert: friends and family members – please note – you are getting this candle next year.
2.  NEST Fragrances Luxury Votive Set (c/o) – I know I already rambled on and on about how great these candles are – but this set truly sealed the deal. I think what has made me so in love with this brand is the way the scent dissipates throughout the room – never too intensely but just enough to envelope the room with a delightful aroma.  Each and every scent I have tried is amazing though the Moroccan Amber held a special place in my heart. 

3.  Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion (c/o) -My Instagram followers are quite familiar with my love of this toner – since I post it almost once a week in my nightly skincare routine pics, but use it at least 3-5x/wk.  Designed for acne prone/oily skin, this has done wonders for me to help clear up my skin.  
4.  Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil – As I stated time and time again, I am never too far away from a cleansing oil.  This one in particular is worth the splurge.  It is stellar at cutting through makeup and removing any grime that is left on your skin.  Every skin type could benefit from adding a cleansing oil to its weekly skincare routine. 
5.  Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion (c/o) – I think I have officially forgotten what blemishes look like after using this miracle product.  Ok I still remember but this product has given me quite a good case of temporary amnesia.  Used at the first sign of trouble, blemish trouble that is, and it’s positive that those pimples will never see the light of day!
6.  Korres Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial – I had had enough of hearing about this product, and had to try this cult classic for myself.  And yup – you are going to hear me rave about it too.  Used at night after my 12,758 step cleansing routine is finished, and I am sure to wake up the next morning with bright, glowing skin that give my foundations a run for their money.

7.  NEST Fragrances Midnight Fleur – I know this little card is only a sample but when something knocks my socks off, attention must be paid.  And this fragrance is by far one of the most unique and intoxicating scents I have used in a long time.  Rich with notes of patchouli, black amber and jasmine, I simply cannot love this fragrance enough!  And after my new found love affair with the candles – my heart is bursting with beauty love for NEST.
8.  LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub – It’s fair to say that I have been living under a rock since this was my first time trying any LUSH products.  But naturally I instantly fell in love.  And this lip scrub – flavored like buttered popcorn is no exception.  Added to my nightly routine and my lips have never felt better.
9.  Lancome Hypnose Drama – Yes I know I need another mascara like I need a hole in my head, but I purchased this a few months back and felt the need to draw attention to it again, rightfully so in a monthly favorites.  Full, dramatic, thick lashes is inevitable after one coat of this – and for a gal who appreciates a bit of drama for the day – this is on regular rotation for my morning face. 

10.  Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub – Ah Julep.  How my heart has such love for this brand!!  I talk about it time and time again, with each product better than the next. I received this foot scrub in a recent Maven box, and my feet rejoiced after first using.  It has actual natural pumice granules in the formula that do an excellent job of exfoliating and the “warming” sensation that is described is the real deal.  Instantly it heats up on your foot, and makes an at home pedicure feel truly spa like.

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