I’m officially on vacation (or more a STAY-cation as I am not going anywhere – insert sad face here), and that means casual wear abounds in my everyday activities.  Casual wear and LOAFERS.  Boy do I love a good loafer.  Years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of such comfortable shoes that resemble lougewear being on my feet for public view, but I am secure enough in myself to admit my wrong doings.  I simply adore these shoes – and naturally they appealed even more because they are like a broadway explosion on my feet with all the silver glitter.  On top my affinity for button downs is getting quite addictive as my closet is growing with new additions all the time.  And the decision to wear them either untucked and tucked is often made on a whim and can change throughout the day (bloggers are so fickle!!) as evidenced above.  I began the day untucked and thus the photo shoot (sans wind machine – one day people, ONE DAY), but after my first round of shots I felt that perhaps the look should be tucked.  Fickle, I tell you, FICKLE.  A second round of photos for my super willing (“it’s freezing out here and my arms are tired!”) husband and a feast for the eyes for all you readers!  And then for “artistic measure”, we got a shot of me walking down the stairs to show off the shoes even more.  At least you can never fault me for not giving you ground breaking images that push the boundaries of the avant-garde.
And with that I bid you adieu to go frolic in my vacation activities and a Happy Holidays to you and yours (yours including your family, friends, pets, clothing and makeup – not nice to leave anyone/thing out.)
Sweater – Banana Republic | Shirt – Club Monaco | Belt – Ann Taylor | Jeans – J. Crew | Loafers –      J. Crew