Here I go again – mixing patterns with simply no regard for any one’s feelings.  This time stripes and florals – WHO AM I? Throwing caution to the wind like some rebellious teenager – wearing stuff to “express myself” – being all fashion-bloggery.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  But let’s just go with it – if nothing more than for all the pretty colors in my skirt – it’s hypnotic I tell you.  So here we have an outfit that definitely warranted an extra long stand in front of the mirror, with a “do you like this?” “what do you think of this outfit?” conversation had ad nauseum with my husband while he was still waking up.  Of course, his response first was “yeah” eyes half shut, but then when he did open them he was all “whoa” and I was all “I know” and then he was all “do it” and I was all “OK I will”.  And then we discussed Einstein’s theory of relativity for fun.  When the science chat was over, I applauded myself again for stepping outside that comfort zone, and was OK if it ended up being a hit or miss.  After all, it’s just clothes.  

Do you have any outfits that have put you out of your comfort zone?  What are your favorite prints to mix? 
Sweater – J.Crew | Belt – Ann Taylor | Skirt – J. Crew | Bracelet – Cooee | Tights – DKNY | Shoes – J. Crew