Getting my hair cut and wearing polka dots – that is what comprises my Saturdays.   And obviously it makes me super happy considering the goofy grin I am sporting in that top pic.  Actually the grin is from the removal of awful split ends that my trip to the salon provided me.  Here’s a little diddy for ya – I actually have ridiculously curly hair.  I mean super curly.  I have been straightening it every morning for the past 8 years, so I think it has relaxed slightly but humidity is still my truth serum.  I can never hide from my roots (literally) when the precipitation sets in.  This pic was taken directly after my appointment so my locks were still smooth and shiny, but after about an hour walking around in NYC overcast mist – the curls become present.  Thank goodness for me, I had my polka dot pants on to distract people from my ever expanding hair.  And for a comfortable Saturday, I threw on a silk blouse and sweater with beaded details, which I adore because it means I can skip accessories since my clothes already have them!  Multi-tasking dressing.  The boots are a recent purchase from J.Crew (they truly make the best shoes for an affordable price), and I simply cannot wear them enough.  I recently featured them in my Boot Story, a few weeks ago, and think they are the perfect all purpose boot.  With a height of about 2+ inches and a chunky heel but slightly narrowed toe, I wear them with just about anything in my wardrobe.  Perhaps a second color is in order – Santa must be notified stat.  
Because what is a blog without a little before and after shots…… here is me pre and post hair appointment.  (please notice the ridiculously curly pony tail in the pre shot – told ya)
Sweater – Banana Republic | Blouse – J. Crew | Pants – J. Crew | Boots – J.Crew | Lipstick – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte in Razzberry