Here lies a picture of a time when there were not arctic temps outside.  Taken a few weeks back, it seemed like such a carefree time.  Wrapped up in a sweater, turtleneck and pants sans tights.  Little did I know that 2 weeks later, the world (ok NYC but New Yorkers think the city is THE WORLD – arrogant buggers) would freeze over and all signs of fashion would cease.  Why???? Why did it have to end and the puffer coats begin?  It seems so unfair, so tragic, so – ok so it’s just another winter in the Northeast and I need to stop my whining.  I KNOW.  But with all the layers and down coats that I am forced to wear, I feel less like a lover of fashion and more like the marshmallow man from The Ghostbusters.  Tres non chic.  But frozen tundras aside, I do adore this outfit.  It’s ridiculously comfy but yet still fash-shun enough to feel like I got me a get-up going on worth strutting over.  And strut I do in these pumps.  Probably one of my best shoe purchases ever – these Manolos are the perfect shade of nude and hold steady at a height that is approved for leaving a change of flats at home.  Until we meet again fair outfit/no coat.  Though I trudge through the streets puffed in down, mummified in scarves and watching my breath billow around me as I curse this frigid weather, I will remember you fondly. 

Sweater – Zara | Turtleneck – Club Monaco | Pants – J. Crew | Gloves – J. Crew | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik