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6 Products To Help Hydrate the Skin

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I can use all the heavy duty anti-aging products that I want, but if my skin is still dehydrated I will not get the results that I want. I have found that when my skin is adequately hydrated, it looks younger, plumper and more radiant. Of course there are other factors that can contribute to keeping skin hydrated such as reducing stress, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and even taking proper supplements, but from a skincare perspective I keep a majority of my morning and evening routines focused on hydration. Here are some products that I have been testing over the winter that I really enjoyed for helping maintain the moisture levels in my skin:
1. Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk – I love a good oil or balm cleanser to remove my makeup, but for a second cleanse I often reach for a cleansing milk as a great way to nourish the skin and ensure the cleansing process isn’t stripping the skin. This Darphin cleanser is incredibly creamy yet gentle and leaves my skin feeling calm and soothed. In addition to using it as a traditional cleanser, I like to apply it generously and leave it on for a few minutes as a hydrating treatment.
2. Darphin Hydraskin Essential Emulsion – Typically hydrating or moisturizing products are seen as heavy or rich in texture, but I find that some of the most lightweight creams can enrich my skin the most. This Darphin moisturizer has a texture that combines both a cream and a gel and would be great for either winter or summer. It has the richness needed to nourish the skin in the winter, yet is still light enough to feel comfortable on the skin during the warmer months. I love this as a daytime moisturizer and find that it wears beautifully under makeup because it keeps my skin hydrated without increasing shine throughout the day.
3. First Aid Beauty Hydrating Serum – This. Serum. From just the look of it, you can already guess that it is like a shot of water for the skin. It’s deceptively thicker than it looks on camera and only one small pump is good to cover the entire face. I find that if I use too much, it can feel too heavy or tacky on the skin. That being said, my skin has been loving this serum since the first day I used it. My skin feels better (less tight, soothed) and looks better (more balanced) while using. Because of it’s tendency to be a bit tacky, I prefer to use this at night or on the weekends if I am not wearing makeup. However, the results of this serum far outweigh any texture issues – I would recommend this for anyone looking to add in a moisturizing serum to their routine.
4. Tatcha Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate – Sadly the picture above does not do this texture justice. I posted a video to my Instagram showing how unique it is – watch that here. See? It’s hard to look away from, isn’t it? LOL. Many people asked me if it was similar to The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask and in theory it is, but I found this concentrate to be much thinner in texture with a more gel-like consistency when you break it up on the skin. Additionally I felt that the Tatcha concentrate gave me a stronger boost of hydration, whereas The Body Shop mask delivered more on firmness. I have enjoyed using this alone after I have cleansed and toned. If I wanted to address any other concerns, I could layer a serum under this but this concentrate did a fantastic job of acting as both a serum and moisturizer.  
5. Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask – It’s no wonder Sisley is known worldwide for their masks – they are truly some of the best around. I have been using this one for the past few years and it’s one of my favorite masks to help nourish and calm my skin. It’s decadence in a tube. And this one is just as luxurious. There are very few products that can hydrate my skin to a visible difference nearly instantaneously (this sheet mask is another one of those instant miracle products), but this mask manages to do the impossible. I think they should rename this Sisley Express Flower Gel Infusion rather than mask because that’s exactly what it feels like it’s doing – infusing my skin with moisture. Truly splurge-worthy.
6. La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist – I’m a total mist gal. I love using them in my skincare routine, I love using them throughout the day – I exercise my right to mist anywhere and everywhere. This Thermal Spring Water mist is delicate in application (no sudden heavy bursts of water from the nozzle #rude) and delicate in feel. I particularly like using this if my skin is feeling irritated or sensitive as it is calming to the skin. This may sound a bit silly but I find it to be calming to my energy as well when I spray myself with it. I close my eyes and mist away giving myself a mini 5 second break from the day. Cupcakes can also do that but there is less guilt afterwards with a mist.

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Introduction to Herbivore Botanicals

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Though I don’t use all natural skincare products exclusively, I have discovered more and more brands that I really enjoy and have put into regular rotation in my routine. Oskia (love this cleanser and mask), Tata Harper (this is a holy grail cleanser) and MV Organic Skincare (this is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin) are a few of the brands that have impressed me and I can now add Herbivore Botanicals to that list. I had the chance to test out 3 of their products recently and here are my thoughts on each:
1. Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist – I should first mention before anything else that the packaging was one of the first things to hit me about this brand. All the bottles and jars are glass so they feel quite weighty in my hand, and the simplistic label and font mixed with the colorful product formulas feels so fresh and modern. This Rose Hydrating Mist gives quite a strong mist when sprayed so be prepared, which is why I prefer to use it during my skincare routine rather than over my makeup. From first spritz, it instantly refreshes the skin while helping calm and soothe it at the same time. It’s great for any and all skin types and the scent is pleasant without being overwhelming. After cleansing, I give my skin two sprays and pat it in to the skin. Immediately I can feel a boost of moisture and though this step may seem small, it makes such a huge difference in my skincare routine. Every last bit of hydration I can get is worth it!
2. Orchid Facial Oil -Who knew that as an oily skinned gal, I would come to love face oils so much, but it’s true! They are so wonderful for helping keep my skin balanced yet moisturized. This Orchid Facial Oil is designed to help hydrate, nourish and protect the skin using a wide range of  vitamins and fatty acids such at Vitamin E, Camellia Oil and Orchid Extract. I find that this oil falls in the medium thickness range – it’s not too runny nor too heavy. I prefer using it at night, rather than the morning but if you have drier skin, I think this would be a beautiful oil to use under makeup. It absorbs nicely, but I only need one drop to cover my entire face. My skin looks glowy and fresh the next morning and much less oily. As with all the Herbivore products that I tried, the scent is prominent though not overwhelming.
3. Brighten Instant Glow Mask – Out of all the 3 Herbivore products that I tried, this mask was by far my favorite. I do love an exfoliating mask in general, but there are so many ways the process can go. Is the mask too strong? Too weak? Grainy in texture? Does it irritate my skin? Is the exfoliation more chemical or manual? I always gravitate towards chemical exfoliants either from acids or natural elements, and in this mask is pineapple enzymes. As with the Orchid Face Oil, I felt that the strength of this mask feel in the middle of the spectrum. There was a slight cooling/tingling sensation but nothing too strong and the results were visible, though I found they were more significant after using the mask a few times in a week. After 10-15 minutes (or 20 if I forget I had it on – whoops!), I rinse it off with warm water, however I find that using a wash cloth was the best way to remove. It came off much easier than simply using my hands. For those that have sensitive skin or have trouble finding exfoliating masks that don’t irritate their skin, I think this would be a wonderful option. 
*pr samples included
Shop more Herbivore products:

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