Rare Beauty Bronzer StickI wear bronzer nearly every day and have been doing so for years. Using a bronzer for fair skin helps warm up my complexion and add some dimension to my cheeks. You can use bronzer to give the skin some glow, contour the face or give your makeup some depth and warmth. If you are worried about bronzer placement, using a stick bronzer is a great option because it allows for a more precise application. I had heard great things about the Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick so I wanted to give it a try and test the formula. I’m sharing my honest review of the bronzer stick, how it wears, blends and whether I would recommend it.

Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick Review

Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick reviewRare Beauty has been on my radar for a long time especially since it is founded by Selena Gomez, but I actually haven’t tried too many Rare Beauty products. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this breakthrough bronzing stick but I was pleasantly surprised! I purchased the bronzer stick in the shade Power Boost which is the palest shade they offer. The shade is much warmer than I would prefer for my skin tone and if I do decide to repurchase, I would choose shade Bright Side next time which has cooler undertones. Even though I don’t love the color, the formula and way that it wears on the skin was enough for me to keep it and continue using.


The texture of the Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick is super creamy and soft. It glides on easily with only one swipe.


Because the texture is so creamy and smooth, it applies beautifully on the skin. It is incredibly easy to apply and blend with either your fingers, sponge or brush – any of these would work. It melts into the skin almost immediately but still gives you enough time to move it around/blend it out before it sets.


It’s a satin finish bronzer that looks fresh and radiant on the skin without any added glitter or shimmer.


It’s richly pigmented so you should start with a small amount and build up, but if you do apply too much at the beginning do not worry. It is incredibly easy to blend and sheer out.

Long Wearing

For me the Rare Beauty bronzer stick is long wearing and lasts all day.


I love the color range that they offer but the shade Power Boost is very warm and can be a tad orange-y on the skin. I’m fine with that because I really enjoy the texture and formula, but I would not purchase this shade again.


It’s a mid range price point at $26 but I definitely feel that it would last a long time.


It’s a stick application and you twist up the product from the bottom of the packaging. Sometimes it does get stuck and won’t twist back down so I would recommend only twisting up the amount that you need.

How To Use Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick

How To Use Rare Beauty Bronzer StickI thought I would show exactly where I place the Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick on my face and how it looks after it is blended out. I only use it on my cheekbones/cheeks but you can also use it on other parts of the face.

Apply a small amount

The bronzer stick is quite pigmented so I use a light hand to swipe it on to the face and blend out. It is always easier to apply more than try to remove product if you applied too much.

Swipe it directly onto the skin

Since it is a stick application, I like to apply it directly to the face because I get such a precise application. However, if you feel more comfortable applying your bronzer with a brush, I would apply it to the back of your hand and then dip your brush into it to apply. This will allow you to get an even amount of product onto the brush.

Apply to the cheeks and/or forehead

There are so many different techniques for applying bronzer depending on if you want to sculpt/contour the face or simply add warmth. I personally like to add warmth to my face so I apply the Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick to my cheekbones and then blend the product upward to give the illusion of a lifted cheek. You could also apply it around the hairline and blend in order to minimize the forehead and add some warmth to the face.

Blend with a brush

I personally find that once I have applied the bronzer stick to my cheeks directly, I will then use a fluffy stiff brush to blend it out. A sponge would work just as well but I always prefer to use makeup brushes.

Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick Swatches

Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick SwatchesI swatched my Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick in Power Boost alongside my other cream bronzers so you can compare it to other formulas. I also included the swatches from the Sephora site so you can see each shade on various skin tones. There are 8 shades in the range:

  • Power Boost – true tan with neutral undertones
  • Bright Side – soft tan with cool undertones
  • Happy Sol – light brown with cool undertones
  • Always Sunny – rich caramel with neutral undertones
  • Good Energy – medium brown with cool undertones
  • True Warmth – deep amber with red undertones
  • Full of Life – deep bronze with golden undertones
  • On the Horizon – deep brown with cool undertones

Have you tried this Bronzing Stick? What are your thoughts?