I’m a huge fan of CC creams for the face, but when I heard Armani had come out with a CC lipstick, I thought it sounded a bit ridiculous at first.  Annnnnnd then I promptly went to an Armani counter to see them in person, only to have that sense of ridiculouness turn into awe and admiration once I swatched them, bought them and wore them.  ‘CC lipsticks for everyone!’ is how I feel now.  I want to be the Oprah of these lipsticks and run around handing them out to everyone – “You get a CC lipstick and YOU get a CC lipstick…..”, but I don’t have an Oprah budget so I will just write about them on my blog.  Fair trade off.  Let’s first take a look at the colors I purchased – shade 400 (classic red), shade 202 (pinky nude), and shade 503 (deep fuchsia).  I will let the shock and awe of me only buying one nude lipstick wear off before I continue.  All good?  Great.  Below are the swatches of each color: 

What initially struck me about the lipsticks is the intense color pay off, followed by the smooth texture.  Their claim of ‘color and comfort’ is reflected in the lip balm-like texture and opaque pigmentation – which almost seems like an oxymoron.  But Armani has managed to pull this off perfectly, creating Rouge Ecstasy, a hybrid lipstick that is as comfortable as it is luxurious.  You can see from the swatches that there is a creamy and moist texture to the product, but the color is vibrant and rich.  While they do go on with a slight glossy finish, they dry down to a natural matte and wear for hours and hours (and hours).  My lips took to them immediately and felt actually better after wearing them.  After the initial intense color pay-off wears for awhile, what is left is a beautiful stain that has significant staying power.  Kudos to Armani for being one of the first to bridge the gap from CC creams for the face to a CC color product in such a flawless way.  The only thing left to do is decide how many other colors I need to purchase.  Life is so hard.

Shop Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks below:

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