Natasha Denona I Need a Nude PaletteI have had quite a few Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes over the years and they have all been absolutely amazing! From pigment, to texture, quality and application, they are some of the best powder eyeshadow formulas I’ve tried. If you are unfamiliar with Natasha Denona, she is a celebrity makeup artist who worked for many years in the fashion and beauty space. She launched her namesake line after nearly 25 years. And it has been a hit with makeup artists as well as consumers. She has managed to bridge the gap with products that perform well and are suitable for film, tv and stage but are also great for the everyday person and their life going to work and out with friends. She became known for her eyeshadow palettes and has since expanded her line to include every makeup category imaginable as well as skincare.

I’ve tried and enjoyed a few different products from her line but her eyeshadow palettes are still my favorite thing that she makes! Other products from Natasha Denona that I have tried and enjoyed are her I Need a Nude lip liners (so creamy and great nude shades), the Hy-Glam concealer (one of the best formulas ever) and the lip glosses (super creamy and smooth).

Natasha Denona has launched quite a few neutral eyeshadow palettes and the newest one is I Need a Nude Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a gorgeous mix of 15 matte shades and shimmer cool-toned neutral shades. I already have a ton of warm-toned eyeshadow palettes but there are not as many cool-toned neutral palettes so I was excited to try this. I also have the Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette (which is one of the best nude eye shadow palettes) so I thought I would compare the two at the end of the post. Here’s a closer look at the Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Eyeshadow Palette and my honest thoughts on it.

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Palette Review

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Palette reviewAs someone that almost exclusively wears neutral eyeshadow colors, I immediately gasped when I saw the beauty that is the I Need a Nude palette. The colors are breathtaking and I LOVE that they skew more cool which is something that was lacking in my eyeshadow collection. I’ve always found Natasha Denona eyeshadows to be highly pigmented, great for a variety of skin tones, easy to blend and this palette was no exception.


I love the size of this palette because while it manages to contain 15 eyeshadows, it’s not as large are some eyeshadow palettes I have had in my collection. The neutral gray slightly greenish case is so chic.

Shade Selection

There is a great mix of matte and shimmer shades so you get a great balance. I personally love that there is a combination of colors that can be used on the lid, in the crease and as a liner. Since I am so fair, I prefer my palettes to have some very pale shades that I can use on my lid. There is only one in the palette (Fair) and while I would love to have one more, I am happy with this color for an easy everyday matte shade. And I was also drawn to this palette because it has so many cool-toned neutrals which tends to be slightly more rare.


As with most of Natasha Denona eyeshadows, the texture is smooth and easy to blend. The matte shades are all richly pigmented and blend like a dream – just dip in your eyeshadow brush and apply. When it comes to the shimmer shades, a few of them are a bit chunky so you will need to apply an eyeshadow base or cream shadow first to give the shimmer something to adhere to. There was a tiny bit of fallout for me but it was still easy to clean up.


This palette is definitely on the more expensive side costing $69 for 15 shades. It’s definitely not the priciest palette out there but for the quality and selection of shades, I felt this palette was worth it. If you don’t want to spend the money for the large palette, Natasha Denona offers smaller mini eyeshadow palettes with 5 shades for $27.

How To Apply the Natahsa Denona I Need a Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Base

Even though these colors are all richly pigmented, I would always recommend using an eyeshadow base before applying any eyeshadow. Especially with intense shimmer or foil shades, a cream eyeshadow or base is needed for the shadow to adhere to. This will also help the eyeshadow last longer with little to no creasing.

Apply With a Brush

I recommend applying and blending the shades with the appropriate eyeshadow brushes because you will get a better looking application. This is especially important with the crease shades where it is best to apply in swiping motions to create a soft blended effect.

Use Your Fingers For the Shimmer Shades

While I definitely recommend using makeup brushes for most of the look, I have found that applying the shimmer shades with the tip of your finger allows the color payoff to be smoother. I will typically pat the shimmer color with my fingertip onto the center of my lid and then follow it up by blending everything out with my makeup brushes.

I Need A Nude Palette Swatches

I Need A Nude Palette SwatchesThe swatches are absolutely beautiful and most of them were done with one or two swipes. THAT is how pigmented and rich each color is!! In the palette there are 2 high-shine metallics, 7 buttery-soft mattes, 3 sparkling foiled finishes and 3 wet effect shadows. Here’s a breakdown of each shade in the palette:

  • Stone – matte light medium warm taupe
  • Whisper – metallic light nude pink
  • Ella – sparkling foiled warm fawn
  • Vague – matte medium warm dusty rose
  • Travertine – metallic soft amber
  • Delilah – sparkling wet effect silver brown
  • Silhouette – matte coffee bean brown
  • Muse – sparkling foiled champagne
  • Fair – matte light misty rose
  • Filigree – sparkling foiled medium neutral brown
  • Wit – matte light warm rose
  • Sheen – glossy wet effect warm champagne
  • Tender – matte medium taupe
  • Mesh – matte light dusty rose
  • Mia – sparkling wet effect icy pink

My favorite shades in the palette and the ones I reach for the most are Stone, Whisper, Fair and Sheen. You can create so many looks with this palette and it’s great for both day or night. I also have the Natasha Denona Glam palette and thought I would show that below along with swatches so you can compare them and decide which is best for you.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette vs Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Palette

Natasha Denona Glam PaletteThe Natasha Denona Glam palette has been one of her most popular eyeshadow palettes she launched as it has a mix of the most gorgeous neutral shades. Like the I Need A Nude Palette there is a combination of matte and shimmer colors and a variety of pale, medium and deep shades to create a wide variety of looks. Both palettes have 15 shades and cost $69. The biggest difference in the two palettes is the Glam palette is more warm-toned and the I Need A Nude Palette is more cool-toned. Here’s a look at the Natasha Denona Glam palette swatches to compare:

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Swatches

Glam Palette swatchesTo be honest, I am not sure which palette I like more. Both are incredibly wearable and the quality of the shadows is amazing. It will come down to which type of undertone you prefer for your neutral eyeshadows – warm or cool. I usually go for warm but am liking the cool-tone options to switch it up. Here is a breakdown of all the shades in the Glam Palette:

  • Center Eye Lid – dusty light rose
  • Outer Eye Lid – medium warm grey brown
  • Inner Corner – peachy champagne
  • Crease – medium cool taupe
  • Transition – mushroom grey
  • Smoke – medium cool brown
  • Blend – cool sienna
  • Lash Line – deep cool brown
  • Inner Corner – abalone
  • Center Eye Lid – medium warm silver
  • Center Eye Lid – golden nude
  • Outer Eye Lid – pecan brown
  • Center Eye Lid – light nude
  • Outer Eye Lid – medium cool grey brown
  • Brow Bone – neutral champagne

Where to Buy Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Eyeshadow Palette?