Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump ReviewI am a HUGE fan of Tarte makeup and have so many products from them that I absolutely LOVE. I know they are quite a popular brand on social media and many things seemed overhyped but I personally have loved about 95% of everything I have purchased from them. From foundation, to concealer, to blush and the uber popular Maracuja Juicy Lips. I bought a few of the original Maracuja Juicy Lips when they first launched and then bought the plumping version which I also loved. They are a creamy, super moisturizing lip formula that makes my lips look and feel amazing.

When I initially saw the new Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump teased on the Tarte Instagram account, I knew I had to try a few. LOL They are the same creamy moisturizing lip formula as the original and plumping but with a shimmer finish. I picked up four colors to test and thought I would review them with swatches in today’s post.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump Review

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump ReviewThough these are designed to be plumping, they don’t feel uncomfortable on the lips. The plumping is quite minimal to be honest, but it’s the finish and color options that I really got excited about. Compared to the initial viral video of them, the shimmer is not as intense as that video showed but they are still quite stunning in person. I purchase two sheer shades with little color and two shades that have quite a bit of pigment.


The texture of these shimmer glass lip plump is similar to the original Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lips and give you that intense moisturizing and lush formula. The shimmer can definitely be felt in this new version but it’s very slight and does not bother me.


Two of the shades had very little pigment which was a tad disappointing but I still know I will use them regularly. However, the other two had a TON of pigment and looked beautiful on the lips. Any of the really pale colors will likely not deliver a ton of payoff and look best as a topper on a deeper lip liner or lip stick. But the other deeper shades really provide rich pigment and are gorgeous worn alone.

Price Point

The price for these are $24 which is a mid range price point but Tarte has so many sales so it is easy to grab them for a lower price during sale times.


These are not super long wearing and you will need to reapply often. The darker colors definitely last longer that the lighter colors but all of them do leave a bit of glitter on the lips after you wipe them off. You can ultimately get it off with some makeup remover but it’s worth mentioning.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump Swatches

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump swatchesTarte Maracuja Juicy Shimmer Glass Lip Plump ReviewSwatches from left to right: Soft Pink Shimmer, Peach Shimmer, Rose Shimmer and Rosy Copper Shimmer

I ended up loving all the shades but my top pick is most definitely Rose Shimmer. It is GORGEOUS!!! Rosy Copper Shimmer is a close second but it definitely skews a lot warmer and more orange. Soft Pink Shimmer and Peach Shimmer are both very pale and better used on top of other lip colors. Here is a breakdown of all the colors offered in this new formula:

  • Pearl Shimmer Glass
  • Sunflower Shimmer Glass
  • Soft Pink Shimmer Glass
  • Peach Shimmer Glass
  • Coral Shimmer Glass
  • Pink Shimmer Glass
  • Rose Shimmer Glass
  • Rosy Copper Shimmer Glass
  • Rosy Mauve Shimmer Glass
  • Berry Shimmer Glass
  • Ruby Shimmer Glass
  • Indigo Shimmer Glass