Shacket | Turtleneck | Leggings | Boots | Bag

1. How cute is this new color Summer Fridays just released in their fuzzy makeup bag?

2. A bit of a splurge but this neutral rug is perfect for so many different rooms.

3. A great tote bag if you have an upcoming beach vacation.

4. I wanted a comfy pair of black sneakers so I finally broke down and ordered this classic pair.

5. This tweed cardigan is perfect to dress up or down.

6. The most gorgeous top for Valentine’s Day!

7. How chic is this striped ruana?!!!

8. Not everyone is a fan of logos but I personally love the look of these slingbacks.

9. Oooooh this electronic memory game for kids could be a fun valentine’s day gift.

10. Chantecaille’s packaging always gets me and their new spring collection is beautiful.