1. Reckless Girls – Meh. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing. A couple, Lux and Nico, are trying to live out their dream in Hawaii but it’s not turning out to be as magical as they had hoped. They are asked by two girls visiting Hawaii if they would take them to visit a remote island they have been wanting to explore. Lux and Nico agree to it and take the girls on this excursion for a few days. While at the island, another boat docks and decides to stay for a few days as well. A seemingly fun exploration turns dangerous when a solo traveler shows up one day and disrupts the entire group. Alliances are formed and people begin to turn on one another. Rating: 7

2. The Cage – The story begins with two women leaving work late on a Sunday night and riding the same elevator down together. Unfortunately only one woman arrives at the ground floor alive. A suicide is suspected but the cameras are down and no one can verify the details. After this initial scene, the storyline oscillates between present day circumstances and past events that lead up to this night. Both women work at a prestigious fashion conglomerate, but this company holds dark secrets that this suicide/murder investigation will shine light on. It kept my attention and had some twists and turns, but wasn’t a favorite. Rating: 8

3. The New House – Ok, I have been seeing this all over my TikTok and couldn’t wait to read it. Millie and Kyle have dreamt of living in “the glass house” for years and when it finally goes on the market, they rush to put in an offer and finally realize their dream. And since they are moving, a young couple hoping to upgrade to a better home for their two boys put an offer on Millie and Kyle’s home. The glass house is owned by a famous newscaster and her financier husband who have the seemingly perfect life. However, at the last minute they decide to pull out of the sale leaving two families stuck and without another option. Millie befriends the newscaster in hopes of changing her mind, but the truth behind the glass house couple is much more terrifying than Millie could imagine. Rating: 8.5

4. The Midnight Library – I thought this book had a really interesting premise and it seemed to tap into something that many people wonder about. A single decision can shape the rest of your life, but what if you had the opportunity to see how your life would have turned out if you had made a different choice. Nora is depressed and feeling hopeless in her current life and wants to end it all. But then she has the opportunity to see how another life would be if she had made different decisions. She hopes she can find one that truly can make her happy and then she will choose to be a part of it. But with every life comes heartache and hurt regardless of her choices and she feels lost. It’s a great story about accepting your choices, finding joy in the small things and loving yourself through it all. Rating: 8

5. Florence Adler Swims Forever – Tons of buzz for this book, but it was a snoozefest for me. It also keep switching perspectives to almost every character in the story which can work sometimes, but seemed to just drag the story on and on in this book. Esther and Joe own a thriving bakery in Atlantic City and have two grown daughters, Florence and Fannie. Florence is training to swim the English Channel and Fannie is pregnant in the hospital on bedrest with her second child. Tragedy strikes the family early on in the novel and the family tries to keep it secret for their own reasons. The secrets keep compounding and the family dynamics struggle under the weight of them. Rating: 6

6. The Guest House РThis book definitely  has a bunch of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. It started off sort of slow and I was confused as to where it was all going. But about a third of the way into the book, things began to fall into place and I was intrigued! A young couple, Victoria and Jamie, decide to take a weekend away to spend time together before the birth of their first baby. But Victoria unexpectedly goes into labor while at this weekend cottage and the owners of the cottage must help her deliver the baby. A seemingly happy moment in their life because a nightmare when the cottage owners are not keen on letting Victoria and Jamie leave with their baby. Rating: 8.5